2019 USA Senior National Championships – Greco-Roman Preview

photo courtesy of Richard Immel

Last month’s Bill Farrell Memorial Invitational marked the unofficial start of the qualification process for the 2020 Olympic Trials. This Friday-Sunday from Fort Worth, TX, we’ll take the next step and hand out more automatic qualifying spots. for the tests. Wrestlers from all three styles will compete in the US Senior National Championships and battle for a spot in the top five. This placement is critical as the top five wrestlers in each weight class will qualify for the Olympic Trials. With only one qualifying event remaining after this tournament, expect the competition to be even more intense than usual. No one wants to rely on winning last chance qualifying at the end of March, just a week before the practice itself. This is the first of three previews of the action set to take place in Fort Worth. We start with the Greco-Roman competition, which begins on Friday. Enjoy TOM’s preview and predictions for all six Olympic weights.

60 kilograms

Top contenders

Dalton Duffield (NYAC)

Tyler Graff (Titan Mercury)

Mason Hartshorn (Youth Community Center)

Sam Jones (NYAC)

Brady KoontzTitan Mercury

Taylor LaMont (Sunkist Kids)

Jon Massy

Travis Rice (NYAC)

Dalton Roberts (NYAC)

David Stepanien

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Robert J. King