2022 Greco-Roman U20 World Championships Recap

It’s time to drop the Greco bombs as the third of three styles kick off inside the Ameets Arena in Sofia, Bulgaria.

live now · August 15-21, 8:00 UTC

2022 U20 World Championships

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Quick and dirty recap of the first session.

55: Jonathan Gurule, 0-1, eliminated

63: Haiden Drury, 0-1, eliminated

77: Payton Jacobson, 0-1, draft

87: Kodiak Stephens, eliminated 1-1

130: Aden Attao, 2-1, in bronze medal game

Day 5 Session 1

It was a tough outing for the three lightest heavyweights, as all three lost bouts in the round of 16, their first matches of the tournament. Gurule lost a grueling fight to a tough Kyrgyzstan 7-2. Haiden Drury packed up in a hurry, losing by technology drop in the first period. And Payton Jacobson lost to a bronze medalist from Euro U20 2022.

Gurule and Jacobson are still alive for the repechage, as the wrestlers who beat them advanced to the semifinals. Drury was knocked out when his Azeri opponent was head to death in the quarterfinals by Japan.

The United States found more success at the higher weights. Kodiak Stephens made short work of Indian Singh in the 87kg 32 round, spinning the arm and gutting the Indian for an 8-0 in 24 seconds. Stephens would fall to Estonia in the next round, however, in a frustrating 2-1 fight. Estonia would lose their quarter-final fight to knock Stephens out of the medal chase.

But saving the best for last, Aden Attao has been a revelation at heavyweight. He fought his way past India in the round of 16, then hit a hip header to win by pinfall over Hungary as they trailed late in the first half.

Take advantage of the highlights of these Attao Greco bombs.

Next session we’ll see if there’s a draft chance for some guys and to see if Attao can fight his way to the finals and secure a medal for Team USA.

Day 5 Session 2

Kyrgyzstan lost to Romania in one of the first two fights of the session, which unfortunately ended the tournament for Jonathan Gurule at 55kg. However, at 77kg, Turkey beat 2021 European U20 champion and U20 world bronze, Gutu from Romania. This ensures that Payton Jacobson will have another game tomorrow as his quest for a world medal lives on.

Things went a little less well for Attao in the semi-finals. His gargantuan Ukrainian opponent wouldn’t be denied and rolled to a 10-0 tech. Attao will challenge for a bronze medal tomorrow against South Korea’s repechage winner against Egypt.

Day 6 Session 1

It’s the penultimate day of the event, but also the longest, because Greco has the biggest groups here in Sofia and we’ll only be fighting Greco-Roman from now on.

A quick and dirty breakdown of American Greco wrestlers is below.

60: Max Black, 0-1, eliminated

67: Bobby Perez 111, 2-1 eliminated

72: Richard Fedalen, 1-1, eliminated

77: Payton Jacobson, eliminated

82: Adrian Artsisheuski, 1-1, eliminated

97: Christian Carroll, 0-1, eliminated

130: Aden Attao, bronze medalist

Team USA got off to a fantastic start winning the first four games of the day, including the first draft match for Payton Jacobson. Jacobson beat his Pan Am rival 8-0, putting him one game away from a medal fight.

Sadly, Jacobson would lose his next fight in the repechage against 2022 Euro U23 champion Hasanli of Azerbaijan, ending Jacobson’s quest for a 77kg U20 medal.

At 60kg, Max Black drew against Iran in the Round of 16. Iran is one of the strongest nations when it comes to Greco-Roman wrestling, and it showed here, as Black lost tech 9-0.

Bobby Perez 111 had a day at 67kg, beating opponent Israel 8-0 in the round of 16, followed by a win over Hungary in the round of 16 via 8-0 tech. Sadly, that day has come to an end, at least from the perfection of the gold medal hunt. RP3 dropped a heartbreaker 3-3 against Kazakhstan in the quarter-finals.

Richard Fedalen also won his first fight, pinning his Austrian foe in dramatic fashion. The round of 16 would be the end of Fedalen’s championship run at 72kg, as he then fell to Sweden, who retired late with some impressive throws. Fedalen was then knocked out of the tournament when Sweden lost in the quarters.

That match streak at 72kg mirrored the American results at 82kg, as Adrian Artsisheuski pinned his Greek opponent in the Round of 16, only to be pinned by his Italian opponent in the Round of 16. Very entertaining fights, despite the unfortunate result in match #2. The Italian wrestler who beat Artsisheuski would lose his next bout, knocking Adrian out of the tournament.

Christian Carroll was the last American to start his tournament, as he had a bye to the round of 16 at 97kg. Carroll and his Kyrgyz foe battled back and forth, throwing each other all over the mat. In the end, it was Kyrgyzstan who prevailed, winning a close but high-flying contest 9-7.

Day 6 Session 2

Our first set of semi-finals is at 60kg and Iran’s Esmaeili beat his Azerbaijani opponent 1-1 on criteria to advance to the final and drag Max Black into the repechage. Black weigh in tomorrow and must beat Japan and Ukraine for a shot against Azerbaijan and a bronze medal.

Unfortunately, the wrestler who inflicted the last defeat on Robert Perez 111 didn’t do as well in his semi-final fight, as Koshkar of Kazakhstan lost to Broladze of Georgia, ending the RP3 tournament and eliminating him. of the medal race.

We also could not count on help from Kyrgyzstan at 97 kg. Kazakhstan beat their Central Asian rivals to advance to the final, ending Carroll’s medal hopes.

Medal Matches

Only one medal match for Team USA at 130kg. Aden Attao has Egypt with a U20 bronze medal on the line. And if Attao had nerves before this game, he didn’t show them. He hit a nice head pinch for four, followed by a hip kick for four more. This guy loves to throw and he reigns.

Attao eventually wins by 11-3, dominating the match and getting the medal via a technological fall. A great way to end a long day of Greco-Roman wrestling here in Bulgaria!

Day 7 Session 1

Alas, our last day of wrestling in Bulgaria produced only one match for America, in which Max Black lost to Japan in the 60kg repechage.

Nevertheless, the Greco team finished in a respectable 13th place among many European and ex-Soviet countries with well-established Greco-Roman programs.

And the whole American delegation produced a total of 11 medals, a huge booty! The presence of Russia and Belarus would probably have taken a price or two off that tally, but no need to dwell on that. It’s not up to American wrestlers to take to the mat and compete in international tournaments. Those team trophies won by coaches James Green and Jessica Medina are very real and very worthwhile.

So enjoy the glory of our American success and get ready to turn the drama up high for the Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. See you later!

Team USA match-by-match results

Round of 16: Nuristan Suiorkulov (Kyrgyzstan) VPO1 Jonathan Gurule (USA), 7-2

Round of 60: Saeid Esmaeili leivesi (Iran) VSU Maxwell Black (USA), 9-0 4:22

60 Repechage: Koto Gomi (Japan) VSU Maxwell Black (USA), 9-0 5:22

Round of 63: Ziya Babashov (Azerbaijan) VSU Haiden Drury (USA), 8-0 1:18

Round of 67: Robert Perez (USA) VSU Zsolt Takacs (Hungary), 8-0 2:01

Round of 67: Robert Perez (USA) VSU Shon Nadorgin (Israel), 8-0 3:45

67 Quarter-final: Din Koshkar (Kazakhstan) VPO1 Robert Perez (USA), 3-3

72nd final: Richard Fedalen (United States) VSU Matthias Hauthaler (Austria), 8-0 3h30

72nd round: Georgios Barbanos (Sweden) VSU1 Richard Fedalen (USA), 13-4 2:30

Round of 77: Yuksel Saricicek (Turkey) VSU1 Payton Jacobson (USA), 9-1 5:44

77 Repechage: Payton Jacobson (USA) VSU Diego Macias torres (Mexico), 8-0 3:44

77 Repechage: Khasay Hasanli (Azerbaijan) VPO1 Payton Jacobson (USA), 3-1

Round of 87: Kodiak Stephens (USA) VSU Surjeet Singh (India), 8-0 0:24

Round of 16: Robin Uspenski (Estonia) VPO1 Kodiak Stephens (USA), 2-1

Round of 97: Nurmanbet Raimaly uulu (Kyrgyzstan) VPO1 Christian Carroll (USA), 9-7

Round of 13: Aden Attao (USA) VFA Adolf Bazso (Hungary), 8-7 3:00

130 Quarter-final: Aden Attao (USA) VSU1 Parvesh Parvesh (India), 12-4 1:39

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