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MILTON – For many athletes and coaches, their sporting seasons end with the conclusion of the corresponding secondary seasons for each sport.

For local wrestlers and Team X coaches, however, the work continues into the offseason as often unrecognized warriors seek to improve their lives and gain an edge over their competition. on the carpet.

The difference between the high school season and the offseason for Team X (read: Team “Ten”) athletes is that the club changes gears once the school season is over. During the season, high school wrestlers compete in Folkstyle – the standard “style” of wrestling across the United States, from college level to peewee. But with Team X in the offseason, the wrestlers soak up international styles: Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Two and a half months after the highlight of the high school wrestling season for the state’s top contenders, the NYSPHSAA State Tournament in Albany, 24 dedicated zone wrestlers laced up their shoes in Milton, NY to compete. with the best the state has to offer, but this time in Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Wrestlers from the club’s northern branch in Warsaw and from the southern branch in Hornell trained up to four times a week, not counting festivals and weekend competitions, while many also devoted themselves to the sports of spring with their local high schools.

The dedication shown by these athletes is commendable.

Many club members experienced freestyle and Greco-Roman for the first time in March, when training began. Two months later, they found themselves competing in the Hudson Valley Sports Dome for a podium spot. Others had a few years under their belt and had visions of qualifying for Fargo – the national freestyle and Greco-Roman tournament in the United States.

Of the 24 wrestlers who donned bespoke red and blue jerseys adorned with a neon green dinosaur wearing an army helmet, known as “Chugga,” 21 brought gear home in at least one hour. ‘one of two styles, with 17 reaching the podium in both, allowing the team to record top-three rankings in each of the schoolboys, cadets and juniors age divisions, both for the free style and Greco-Roman.

Of note, Le Roy’s John Lauricella won the freestyle and greco titles at 126 pounds.

Here’s a full look at how all the wrestlers in Team X fared…

Johnathon Lauricella won the “Most Outstanding Wrestling” team for 1st place in Freestyle and Greco-Roman, both championships taking place in the junior division.

Michael Schaefer, novice, 1st in FS

Shane Davidson, novice, 1st in FS

Andy Lucinski, Schoolboy, 1st in GR

Kaul Runfola, schoolboy, 1st in FS and GR

Brendan Marsocci, Junior, 1st in GR

Shane Davidson, novice, 2nd in GR

Lucas Randisi, Schoolboy, 2nd in FS and GR

Andy Lucinski, Schoolboy, 2nd in FS

Zach Hannan, Schoolboy, 2nd in GR

Morgan Davidson, Schoolboy, 2nd in FS and GR

Noah Grover, Junior, 2nd in GR

Brendan Marsocci, Junior, 2nd in FS

Tim Geoghegan, schoolboy, 3rd in GR

Chad Toal, Cadet, 3rd in GR, 4th in FS

Josh Englerth, Cadet, 3rd in FS, 4th in GR

Chase Runfola, Cadet, 3rd in FS, 5th in GR

Zach Hannan, schoolboy, 4th in FS

Sam Wolf, Cadet, 4th in GR, 5th in FS

Owen House, Cadet, 4th in FS, 5th in GR

Zach Brown, Cadet, 4th in FS, 5th in GR

Noah Grover, Junior, 4th in FS

Joshua Oneil, Junior, 5th in FS

Kyle O’Connor, Junior, 5th in GR

Cam Brumstead, Cadet, 5th in GR

Brennan Demersman, Schoolboy, 6th in FS and GR

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