All-Tournament Greco-Roman 14U National Duals Team Announced

The 2021 Greco-Roman 14U National Duals Tournament team has been announced, based on the results of the Greco-Roman 14U National Duals Division, held in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday and Friday.

Athletes who went undefeated in their Greco-Roman doubles encounter qualified for the All-Tournament Team, requiring a minimum of five wins to be included.

In Greco-Roman, there were 51 athletes on the all-tournament team, representing 25 different states. Three states had four athletes on the all-tournament team, tag team champion New Jersey plus Michigan and Indiana. Teams with three All-Tournament team members were Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, and Ohio. come with two

California’s Thales Silva (71) and Isaac Padilla (130) have won the most games among the undefeated Greco-Roman athletes, who have both won nine games.

There were 20 wrestlers who finished with an 8-0 record for the tournament: Corey Brown of Maryland (71), Ariah Mills of Georgia (71), Hudson Chittum of Tennessee (77), Liam Collins of Minnesota (83) , Carter Shin of Virginia (97), Rocco Cassioppi of Illinois (102), Gary High of Tennessee (102), Austin Collins of Colorado (114), Malachi Puckett of Tennessee (125), Kawaryran Vasquez of Florida (130) , Mason Basile of Florida (136), Cooper Rowe of Minnesota (136), Eli Esguerra of Ohio (149), Marcus Andrews of Florida (165), Danny Zmorowski of Ohio (165), Anthony Ausherman of Pennsylvania ( 187), Christopher Belmonte of New York (250) and Alex Taylor of Ohio (250).

A separate team for all 14U freestyle tournaments will be announced after the men’s freestyle competition concludes on Sunday.


71 pounds
Corey Brown, Maryland
Ariah Mills, Georgia
Thales Silva, California

77 pounds
Brycen Dawley, Washington
Vincent DeMarco, Ill.
Hudson Chittum, Tennessee

83 pounds
Liam Collins, Minnesota Storm

87 pounds
Keegan Bassett, Pennsylvania Blue
Cameron Sontz, New Jersey

92 pounds
Gavin Landers, Iowa

97 pounds
Jordan Bell, Team Missouri
Kaleb Blackner, Utah Team
Caleb Schaefer, Team Indiana Gold Medalist
Carter Shin, Virginia Team

102 pounds
Finnegan O`Brien, New York team
Grayson Fuchs, Michigan Blue Team
Rocco Cassioppi, Ill.
Gary High, TN

106 pounds
Legend Ellis, Oklahoma Outlaws Red

110 pounds
Oklahoma Outlaw Red Justus Heeg
Zayn Navarrete, Texas
Mason Carlson, Utah team
Braylon Reynolds, Indiana team gold
Parker Zutter, Minnesota Storm

114 pounds
Austin Collins, Colorado Blue
Calvin Martz, Michigan Blue Team

119 pounds
Wyatt Burns, Michigan team
Landen Kocher-Munoz, Kansas Red

125 pounds
Quinten Cassiday, Michigan team
Thomas Gibbs, Team Indiana Gold Medalist
Jaxon Unger, Alabama
Malachi Puckett, Tennessee

130 pounds
Joseph Schinder, New Jersey
Kawaryran Vasquez, Florida team
Isaac Padilla, California

136 pounds
Lucas Boe, Team Indiana Gold Medalist
Mason Basile, Florida team
Cooper Rowe, Minnesota Storm

149 pounds
Sergio Calleros, Ill.
Aaron Stewart, Ill.
Eli Esguerra, Ohio Gray

165 pounds
Brayden Koester, Iowa
Joseph Monticello, New Jersey
Marcus Andrews, Florida team
Danny Zmorowski, Ohio Gray

187 pounds
Jace Renfro, Team Missouri
Nevin Mattessich, New Jersey
Anthony Ausherman, Pennsylvania Red

250 pounds
DJ Glidewell, Team Missouri
Christopher Belmonte, New York Team
Alex Taylor, Ohio Gray

Robert J. King