AWG Wrestler Cosplays The Avengers’ Squirrel Girl For Her In-Ring Debut

AWG’s Marino Saihara showed his love for the weirdest Avenger member in his debut performance by impersonating the Unbeatable Squirrel!

The most quirky Avenger, Squirrel Girl, gets an amazing cosplay tribute courtesy of an AWG artist. New to the Actwres girl’Z scene, Japanese wrestler Marino Saihara is a big fan of American comics and has a background in cosplay. Her passions all came together in her debut performance in which she graced the masses dressed in a killer Squirrel Girl outfit.

Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl, was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and made her first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes #8. The light-hearted hero became a fan favorite and after several team book appearances, got his own series from Ryan North and Erica Henderson. The series helped boost Squirrel Girl’s popularity, with the character also receiving an original graphic novel by North and Henderson as well as two young adult novels by Shannon and Dean Hale.


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If there was any doubt about Squirrel Girl’s beloved status, AWG wrestler Marino Saihara showed how much she loves the character during her first public performance. In a stunning display, Marino entered the ring in an outfit inspired by the unbeatable Doreen Green herself. From her squirrel ears to her tassel knee pads, the cosplay nails the Squirrel Girl aesthetic to a tee. Marino even made sure to bring a little stuffed squirrel friend with her, no doubt a tribute to Green’s partners Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe. Fans went wild for the outfit on social media, especially seeing Marino’s previous Squirrel Girl cosplay which included the hero’s fluffy tail.

Marino Saihara’s love for Squirrel Girl shines through in her brilliant cosplay. The meticulous dedication to the small details of her outfit shows a seriousness that simply cannot be faked. Marino channels positivity from Squirrel Girl as she bounces around the ring and strikes killer superhero poses. The wrestler is no stranger to showmanship, not only having a background in cosplay, but being a member of the Jpop group Chubbiness. Marino embraces the best traits of his favorite superhero, embracing the limelight with downright infectious joy. There’s no doubt that Marino adores the Marvel hero, choosing to honor the character on his first night as an AWG performer. But the decision works well with the overall kayfabe nature of the wrestling world. Wrestling is already a wonderfully flamboyant spectacle that involves alternate costumes, stories and identities, so incorporating aspects of superheroism is a natural fit. Marino Saihara’s background as a cosplayer, comic fan, and showman will undoubtedly take her far in her career as an AWG wrestler.

Besides absolutely crushing it Squirrel Girl cosplayer, AWG Marino Saihara having the spirit of Avengers’ the strangest hero will serve her well by embarking on this new adventure.

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