Beach Wrestling could be part of the Olympic Games in the future

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) – Beach wrestling is rapidly gaining popularity. And one wrestling expert thinks the sport’s greatest appeal may lie in its simplicity.

KYLE Klingman / FloWrestling Journalist, “You don’t realize the complexity of international or college wrestling until you have to explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about it and explaining wrestling on the beach is easy enough when you go out of bounds is a point – the out is a point – the back to back takedown is three points. It’s the first person to three wins. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you don’t know anything about the sport.

There is actually an accredited body called United World Wrestling for the Sport of Beach Wrestling, which has been running championship tournaments since 2006, mostly in Europe and Asia.
There is now a movement underway to bring Beach Wrestling to the Olympics as early as 20-28.

KYLE Klingman said: “The possibility of women’s beach wrestling entering the 2028 Olympics will not be in 2024, but in 2028 in Los Angeles there is a possibility as there are currently three styles of women’s freestyle wrestling. , male Greek and male free. Female beach wrestling could be that counterpart to male wrestling, they also talked about female Greek wrestling, but the trend is towards female beach wrestling and it could be soon 2028.

Klingman says Beach Wrestling has its place — he thinks Freestyle is better suited for Olympic competition.

AND USA Wrestling Leader — 2-STROKE Olympic GOLD MEDAL – Bruce Baumgartner AGREE with Klingman.

BRUCE BAUMGARTNER, “As a purist I don’t mind, it’s pretty similar to wrestling, but I love when I wrestled, we had ten weight classes in each discipline – and I wish I could do it. Come back. That’s what we’re doing in the 10 men’s freestyle 10 women’s freestyle and 10 greco world championships before we start adding wrestling disciplines. “

Like it or not, the sport of wrestling could be heading to the sands of Los Angles, Calif., In 2028.

Robert J. King