Big throws on display as 10 Greco-Roman champions crowned at U15 Pan American Trials

Nolan Fellers (IA) launches Blue Stiffler (SC) in the Greco-Roman 62kg final at the U15 Pan American Trials. Photo by Greg Kaup.

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – Day one of the Pan Am U15 Boys’ Team Trials featured Greco-Roman competition, a day full of big shots and exciting action at Boys Town High School.

Ten champions were crowned in Greco-Roman wrestling on Friday. The USA Pan Am U15 team won’t be determined until Saturday after the men’s freestyle competition concludes.

The boys who qualify for the USA U15 Pan Am Team will be determined by the highest point value (of both styles combined) in the tournament. Based on the points obtained, in accordance with the procedures of the Pan American U15 team, a member of the team is determined. The boy who is on the team in each weight class will wrestle in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2022 Pan American U15 Championships in Apartado, Colombia from November 4-6.

At 38kg, Liam Collins of Minnesota, winner of the 14U and U15 Greco-Roman Nationals this year, defeated Cruzer Dominguez of Nebraska, a 14U Greco-Roman champion, in the final with an 8-0 technical fall. Samuel Sanchez won a real second game against Dominguez to secure second place.

Indiana’s Jensen Boyd, a 14U nationals runner-up in Greco-Roman, defeated two national champions en route to the 41kg title. In the final, he stopped 14U Greco-Roman National Champion Daniel Green, 7-4. In the semifinals, Boyd defeated 16U Nationals champion Caleb Noble of Wisconsin, 12-7. Boyd is the younger brother of female freestyle star Alara Boyd, who won World Age Group medals for Team USA.

Hudson Lodges of Nebraska also had a great day en route to the 48kg title. In the final, Loges scored a 10-0 technical fall over Florida’s Lincoln Sledzianowski, who won the U15 and 16U national titles this year. In the semifinals, Loges pinned U15 Nationals champion Michael Romero of California in 3:33. Loges finished second at the 16U Nationals and U17 Nationals this year in Greco-Roman wrestling.

At 52kg, Josiah Boyden of Georgia defeated a pair of 2022 national champions in a three-athlete round robin. He started Friday morning with a 9-4 win over national U15 champion Declan Koch of Wisconsin. He finished with an 11-9 win over 14U National Champion Matthew Orbeta of California. Boyden has made a big leap this season, as he finished seventh in Greco-Roman at the 14U Nationals in June.

Thomas Verrette of Colorado, who won the Greco-Roman U15 and 16U national titles this year, edged Jacob Herm of Wisconsin in the 57kg final, by a technical fall of 9-0.

The 62kg champion was Iowa’s Nolan Fellers, who won a high score bout against U15 national champion Blue Stiffler of South Carolina, ultimately pinning Stiffler in 3:39. Fellers finished third in the 16U Nationals in Fargo in Greco-Roman.

Mikel David Uyemura of California was the 68kg champion with an 8-0 technical fall over Montana’s Christopher Acuna in the final. Uyemura was a runner-up at the U15 Greco-Roman National Championships this spring.

At 75 kg, U15 national champion Terrell McFarland of Pennsylvania edged Miguel Rojas of Indiana, 5-1, to secure the championship.

15U Nationals Greco-Roman champion Dreshaun Ross of Iowa swept a best-of-three streak against Adonis Bonar II of Nebraska with a pair of technical falls. Ross won 8-0 in the first fight and 17-8 in the second fight. They were the only two entries in that weight class.

California’s Henry Aslikyan won the 44kg title without contest. Aslikyan finished second at the 2022 U15 National Championships in freestyle at 41kg.

The men’s competition continues Saturday, with freestyle contested in all 10 weight classes. The event will air on FloWrestling. The first session is scheduled for 10:00 CT.

At Boys Town, Neb., August 5

Greco-Roman final results

38 kilograms
Match for 1st place – Liam Collins (MN) technically drops Cruzer Dominguez (NE), 8-0
Match for 2nd place – Samuel Sanchez (CA) technically drops Cruzer Dominguez (NE), 18-8
Match for 3rd place – Samuel Sanchez (CA) pins Tristan Pino (CO), 2:36

41 kilograms
1st Place Match – Jensen Boyd (IN) Dec. Daniel Green (MT), 7-4
3rd Place Game – Caleb Noble (WI) Dec. Cameron Sontz (New Jersey), 6-0
5th place – Brighton Karvoski (CT)

44 kilograms
1st place – Henry Aslikyan (CA)

48 kilograms
Match for 1st place – Hudson Loges (NE) tech. Fall Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL), 10-0
Game for 3rd place – Technical fall of Michael Romero (CA) Will Detar (PA), 8-0
Game for 5th place – Amari Vann (NJ) forfeited against Che Jenkins (AZ)

52 kilograms
1st place – Josiah Boyden (GA)
2nd place – Declan Koch (WI)
3rd place – Matthew Orbeta (CA)
Josiah Boyden (LW) Dec. Declan Koch (WI), 9-4
Declan Koch (WI) Dec. Matthew Orbeta (CA), 7-5
Josiah Boyden (LW) Dec. Matthew Orbeta (CA), 11-9

57 kilograms
Match for 1st place – Thomas Verrette (CO) tech. knocking out Jacob Herm (WI), 9-0
3rd Place Game – Ned Kauffman (PA) Dec. Maximus Riggins (IA), 5-4
Game for 5th place – Jesse Grajeda (CA) tech. fall Travis Cardenas (AZ), 8-0

62 kilograms
Match for 1st place – Nolan Fellers (IA) pin Blue Stiffler (SC), 3:39
3rd Place Match – Emmitt Sherlock (MD) Dec. Joseph Schinder (New Jersey), 8-4
5th Place Game – Nathaniel Askew (GA) drops Tech Zack Aquila (OH), 9-0

68 kilograms
Match for 1st place – Mikel David Uyemura (CA) technician. Fall Christopher Acuna (MT), 8-0
3rd Place Game – Owen McMullen (PA) Dec. Victor Marks Jenkins (MD), 6-1
Match for 5th place – Liam Fox (WY)

1st Place Match – Terrell McFarland (PA) Dec. Miguel Rojas (IN), 5-1
3rd Place Game – Isai Fernandez (CA) Dec. Daniel Patrick (GOLD), 12-6

85 kilograms
1st place – Dreshaun Ross (IA)
2nd place – Adonis Bonar II (NE)
Technician Dreshaun Ross (IA). fall Adonis Bonar II (NE), 8-0
Technician Dreshaun Ross (IA) fall Adonis Bonar II (NE), 17-8

Robert J. King