Brent Metcalf (MI) vs. Dennis Hall (WI)

Photo of Metcalf by Tony Rotundo. Hall photo a USA Wrestling file photo

Fan voting is on and the finals have been set for USA Wrestling’s interactive 32-athlete lineup featuring the top Greco-Roman competitors from the past 50 years of Junior National Championships.

This vote is based solely on their national junior freestyle careers and should not reflect their Greco-Roman success, nor their collegiate and international results.

The winner of the upper half-bracket is Brent Metcalf of Michigan, a three-time national junior Greco-Roman champion, who will face the winner of the lower half-bracket Dennis Hall of Wisconsin, a three-time national junior Greco-Roman champion.

Vote for the 50th Junior Greco-Roman National Championships – Fantasy Bracket

Voting begins today and will continue for four days, ending on the evening of July 13.

Here’s how each qualified for the final:

Brent Metcalf (Davison, Michigan)
Round of 16 – Brent Metcalf (MI) vs. Matt Goldstein (IL), 95%-5%
Round of 16 – Brent Metcalf (MI) vs. Kendrick Sanders (FL), 55%-45%
Quarterfinals – Brent Metcalf (MI) vs. Justin Ruiz (UT), 60%-40%
Semifinals – Brent Metcalf (MI) vs. Sam Henson (MO), 72%-28%

Metcalf won the Round of 16 overwhelmingly with a 95% to 5% triumph over two-time champion Matt Goldstein of Illinois. He had much tougher competition over the next two rounds, beating three-time champion Kendrick Sanders of Florida by a 55%-45% margin, then passing two-time champion Justin Ruiz of Utah by a 60% ratio. at 40%. His semifinal victory over two-time champion Sam Henson of Missouri was by a strong margin of 72% to 28%.

Dennis Hall (Hartford, Wis.)
Round of 16 – Dennis Hall (WI) vs. Mitchell McKee (MN), 82%-18%
Round of 16 – Dennis Hall (WI) vs. Matt Nagel (MN), 82%-18%
Quarterfinals – Dennis Hall (WI) vs. Brandon Paulson (MN), 59%-41%
Semifinals – Dennis Hall (WI) vs. Garrett Lowney (WI), 83%-17%

Hall hasn’t had a close fight in his four rounds of victories, the closest being his quarterfinal win over two-time champion Brandon Paulson of Minnesota, 59%-41%. He got over 80% of the vote in all of his other rounds, stopping two-time champion Mitchell McKee of Minnesota in Game 1, 82%-18%, then beating three-time champion Matt Nagel of Minnesota by the same 82%-18 %. His semifinal win was by an even bigger margin, 83%-17% over two-time champion Garrett Lowney of Wisconsin.

Dennis Hall became a Greco-Roman specialist after high school. He was an Olympic silver medalist in 1996, world champion in 1995 and bronze medalist in 1994. Hall made three US Greco-Roman Olympic teams. He went to Wisconsin as a freshman, then changed completely to focus on Greco-Roman the rest of his career.

Metcalf became a freestyle specialist after high school. His college career began at Virginia Tech and he followed coach Tom Brands to Iowa, where he won two NCAA titles and was a three-time runner-up. Metcalf has made four US World Senior Freestyle Teams.

Here are the years when the finalists were Greco-Roman champions of the national junior championships
Brent Metcalf, Michigan (2003, 2004, 2005)
Dennis Hall, Wisconsin (1987, 1988, 1989)

The rest of the voting schedule follows:
• Voting on the final will begin on Saturday July 9

The first U.S. Junior National Wrestling Championships were held at the University of Iowa Fieldhouse in 1971 and were contested only in men’s freestyle. Greco-Roman wrestling was added in 1972. With the 2020 event canceled due to the pandemic, this year’s version will be the 50th time our country’s top high school Greco-Roman wrestlers will come together to fight for national titles and All-American honors. Many world and Olympic champions and medalists have participated in this prestigious event.

The 2022 USA Wrestling USMC Junior and 16U National Championships will be held at the FargoDome in Fargo, ND, July 16-22, featuring competition in Men’s Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women’s Freestyle.


50th Junior Greco-Roman National Championships – Fantasy Bracket

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