Bron Breakker always knew he would be a pro wrestler

Bron Breakker claimed he always knew he was going to be a professional wrestler like his father and uncle, Rick and Scott Steiner.

Breakker is a product of the WWE Performance Center and is considered a future face of the company by many NXT fans. He was signed by WWE in February 2021 and made his television debut on the first episode of NXT 2.0. He is currently in his second reign as the brand’s champion.

The NXT Champion recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin where he discussed his ambitions and what he wanted to do as a kid in a wrestling family. When asked if he knew he had always wanted to join the wrestling world, he replied this:

“Yeah! I always knew that would be what I would end up doing. It was only a matter of time. Because I was a football player in college and an amateur wrestler growing up. You know, i was focused on these things while i was doing them, but i always knew deep down that i was going to be a pro wrestler and my dream was to be where i am.was just a matter of when.” (16:40)

What did Bron Breakker do before choosing pro wrestling as a career?

Bron Breakker said he had been in the wrestling business for most of his life and had wanted to be a professional wrestler since he was a kid. But the 24-year-old has been an athlete all his life.

As a Georgia native, Bron played football for his school team and was also an amateur wrestler, winning the state heavyweight championship in 2016.

While attending Kennesaw State University in Georgia, he played defense on the college football team and later moved to offense as a running back for the team.

“Bill Goldberg is one, right off the bat. He was a mentor to me for a long time. In football when I was playing in college, in the NFL for a short time, he was always giving me advice” – Bron Breaker (via After The Bell)

Breakker went undrafted in the 2020 NFL Draft, but was signed by the Baltimore Ravens as a rookie running back in April of that year. He was released by the team in August of the same year and saw no playing time. It was then that he decided to focus on professional wrestling.

Bron Breakker competed in his first wrestling match on the independent circuit in October 2020 and was soon signed by WWE, where he enjoyed great success.

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