California wins National Duals 16U Greco-Roman Championship over Pennsylvania Blue, 37-37, by criteria

16U Doubles National Champions – California. Photo courtesy of Gene Lee.

LOVES PARK, Ill. – A flurry of cartwheels and celebratory shouts signified the result.

California won a national championship.

In a home-and-away championship duel, California heavyweight Adam Farha scored a 37-37 criteria win over Pennsylvania Blue to win the 16U Nationals in Greco-Roman duels.

Farha controlled Ean Winchester of Pennsylvania Blue, 6-3, but the fate of the duel depended on the logbook.

California has won more fights than PA Blue (9-8). Therefore, California claimed criteria and a championship. The celebration ensued.

California started the scoring at 88 pounds with Gavin Pongsai. He cut PA Blue’s Alexander Diaz 13-12. Pennsylvania Blue responded with a second-period drop to 94 pounds. A Dominic Bozanic throw from California backfired and Kole Davidheiser planted his feet and controlled Bozanic in a headlock for the pinfall.

A back and forth movement emerged as California’s Slater Hicks beat Thunder Sollenbeger 10-2 at 100 pounds.

Two Fargo All-Americans fought at 106 pounds. Pennsylvania Blue’s Aaron Seidel won a scoreless first period to win 10-7 over California’s Devin Bobzien. Late in the first period, Bobzien caught Seidel in a cement mixer to take a 2-0 lead on a rear display. With less than 30 seconds left in the fight, Seidel scored six straight points to lead 9-7. A failed California challenge awarded Seidel the 10th point.

California snatched the next four fights with three decisions and a technical fall.

But Pennsylvania Blue, like in their last pool fight, charged from behind. Vince Bouzakis and Bode Marlow cut the deficit with technical drops for Pennsylvania. At 152 pounds, Owen McMullen fended off late attacks from Californian David Uyemara to win 5-4. McMullen flexed his jersey to display Pennsylvania’s name and slapped his heart. Their win gave Pennsylvania Blue a one-point lead.

It lasted one game.

Californian Angelo Posada crushed Tommy Cohenour to begin a streak of three straight tech falls. Pennsylvania regained the lead with technical drops from Magnus Lloyd (170 pounds) and Jason Singer (195 pounds). The two beat their California opponents, 14-2.

California was still lingering. An injury earlier in the tournament resulted in Pennsylvania Blue forfeiting at 220 pounds.

The result ultimately depended on the heavyweights. Pennsylvania Blue’s Ean Winchester stepped onto the mat in a familiar position. Thursday morning, Winchester encountered the same scenario. Win and his team advance to the final.

But Winchester did not rehearse.

Farha put the pressure on with a 6-0 lead at the break. In the second half, Winchester’s body locked Farha in half and gained a passivity point, but it wasn’t enough.

In the Gold/Silver Pool third place game, Minnesota Blue used a dozen bonus points to dismantle Oklahoma 55-20.

Iowa bounced back from two morning losses to claim fifth place against Illinois 44-31. Colorado finished with a 41-32 victory over Tennessee and took seventh place.

There remains another National 16U Dueling Championship. The tournament will resume Friday at 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. MT. The freestyle action begins with the first three rounds. The color pools will be decided in the afternoon.

USA Wrestling’s three main National Dual Meet events (16U, 14U, Junior) will be live on FloWrestling.

At Loves Park, Illinois on June 9, 2022

Greco-Roman results

Pool Gold/Silver (Places 1 to 8):
1st Place Match – California Dec. Pennsylvania Blue, 37-37 (criteria)
88 pounds: Gavin Pongsai (California) Dec. Alexander Diaz (PA Blue), 13-12
94 pounds: Kole Davidheiser (PA Blue) falls 3:32 over Dominic Bozanic (California)
100 lbs: Slater Hicks (California) TF vs. T. Thunder Sollenberger (PA Blue), 10-2
106 lbs: Aaron Seidel (PA Blue) Dec. Devin Bobzien (California), 10-7
113 pounds: Edwin Sierra (California) Dec. Landon Sidun (PA Blue), 7-4
120 pounds: Billy Townson (California) TF. Ned Kauffman (PA Blue), 8-0
126 pounds: Elias Navida (California) Dec. Boteron Gauge (PA Blue), 6-2
132 pounds: Brock Mantanona (California) Dec. Hector Mateo (PA Blue), 18-12
138 lbs: Vince Bouzakis (PA Blue) TF Sonny Lora-torres (California), 8-0
145 lbs: Bode Marlow (PA Blue) TF Ryan Rios (California), 11-2
152 lbs: Owen McMullen (PA Blue) Dec. Mikel David Uyemura (California), 5-4
160 lbs: Angelo Posada (California) TF Tommy Cohenour (PA Blue), 12-3
170 lbs: Magnus Lloyd (PA Blue) TF Logan Bruce (California), 10-2
182 lbs: Adam Waters (PA Blue) TF Isaac Fernandez (California), 8-0
195 lbs: Jason Singer (PA Blue) Dec. Kayden Cartee (California), 6-2
220 pounds: Nicholas Sahakian (California) wins by forfeit
285 pounds: Adam Farha (California) Dec. Ean Winchester (PA Blue), 6-3

3rd Place Game—Minnesota Blue Dec. Oklahoma Red, 55-20
88 lbs: Cason Craft (Oklahoma Red) falls 1:44 to Eli Schultz (Minnesota Blue)
94 pounds: Hunter Knox (Oklahoma Red) disqualified against Lincoln Christenson
100 lbs: Lawson Eller (Minnesota Blue) TF Hudson Beckley (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
106 lbs: Chase Mills (Minnesota Blue) TF Zane Donley (Oklahoma Red), 9-0
113 lbs: Logan Schwanz (Minnesota Blue) TF Devon Miller (Oklahoma Red), 14-4
120 lbs: Zach Remer (Minnesota Blue) TF Iziah Tusler (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
126 lbs: Garrett Salt (Oklahoma Red) TF Ian Schultz (Minnesota Blue), 10-0
132 pounds: Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota Blue) TF Kaden Wallace (Oklahoma Red)
138 lbs: Alex Braun (Minnesota Blue) Fall 1:15 Trae Rios (Oklahoma Red)
145 lbs: Beau Hickman (Oklahoma Red) Dec. Jayden Haueter (Minnesota Blue), 3-2
152 lbs: Carter Skradski (Minnesota Blue) TF Jayden Fuston (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
160 pounds: Aydan Carlson (Minnesota Blue) Fall 0:28 Kyler Tabor (Oklahoma Red), 10-0
170 lbs: Bryce Burkett (Minnesota Blue) TF Bodie Adams (Oklahoma Red), 9-0
182 lbs: Cittadino Tuttle (Minnesota Blue) Dec. Colyn Donnelly (Oklahoma Red), 8-1
195 lbs: Kenny Wells (Minnesota Blue) TF Joe Warner (Oklahoma Red), 10-1
220 pounds: Julian Berg (Minnesota Blue) Fall 0:32 Garrett Henry (Oklahoma Red)
285: Hayden Skillings (Minnesota Blue) TF Dylan Allen (Oklahoma Red), 10-0

5th Place Game – Iowa Dec. Illinois, 44-31
88 lbs: James Hemmila (Illinois) TF Kaiden Belinksy (Iowa), 8-0
94 lbs: Mac Crosson (Iowa) TF Dean Wainwright (Illinois), 10-1
100 lbs: Dallas Canoyer (Iowa) TF George Marinopoulos (Illinois), 10-0
106 pounds: Jace Hedeman (Iowa) Dec. Brayden Teunissen, 3-2
113 lbs: Timothy Koester (Iowa) TF Justin Wardlow (Illinois), 9-0
120 lbs: Wyatt Medlin Dec. Blake Fox, 9-5
126 pounds: Benjamin Hansen (Iowa) drops 1:04 Theodore Flores
132 pounds: Nolan Fellers (Iowa) Dec. Peyton Cox (Illinois), 6-3
138 pounds: Kane Naaktgeboren (Iowa) TF Blake Smith (Illinois)
145 pounds: Tucker Stangel (Iowa) Fall 1:28 Braden Kelly (Illinois
152 lbs: Cael Miller (Illinois) Fall 1:31 Kyler Knaack (Iowa)
160lbs: Justin Avila (Iowa) TF Anthony Gutierrez (Illinois), 14-5
170 pounds: Dominic Tigner (Iowa) Dec. Tyler Ott (Illinois), 10-6
182 lbs: Brent Slade (Iowa) TF Nicholas Ronchetti (Illinois), 8-0
195 lbs: Gabino Perez (Illinois) TF Thaden Abbas (Iowa), 9-0
220 pounds: Lamar Bradley (Illinois) wins by forfeit
285 pounds: Lee Smith (Illinois) wins by forfeit

Game for 7th place – Colorado Dec. Tennessee, 41-32
88 pounds: Daniel Goodwin (Colorado) Dec. Jose Cordero (Tennessee), 6-4
94 pounds: Axel Ritchie (Tennessee) Dec. Colin George (Colorado), 6-3
100 lbs: William Phillips (Tennessee) TF Thomas Lee (Colorado), 10-1
106 lbs: Zaidyn Quinonez (Colorado) TF James Hicks (Tennessee), 8-0
113 pounds: Gavin Weichelt (Colorado) TF Joseph Uhorchuk (Tennessee), 8-0
120 lbs: Ethan Uhorchuk (Tennessee) vs. Noah Kubala (Colorado), 7-4
126 lbs: Brody Gobbell (Tennessee) TF Travis Long (Colorado), 8-0
132 pounds: Billy Greenwood (Colorado) Dec. Casen Roark (Tennessee), 7-5
138 pounds: Garrett Reece won by forfeit
145 lbs: Jackson Tribbett (Colorado) TF Jay Eversole (Tennessee), 11-0
152 pounds: Maximus Norman (Tennessee) Dec. Leister Bowling (Colorado), 11-7
160 pounds: Sam Rock (Colorado) Dec. Jacob Barlow (Tennessee), 10-8
170 lbs: Quinn Funk (Colorado) TF Jake Stacey (Tennessee), 8-0
182 pounds: Landon Williams (Tennessee) Dec. Weston Hoffschneider (Colorado), 5-2
195 lbs: John Geist (Tennessee) TF Dom Benavidez, 9-1
220 pounds: Cody Netherton (Colorado) Fall 0:33 Cael Coulombe (Tennessee)
285 pounds: Austin Williams won by forfeit

Bronze/Copper Pool (Locations 9-16):
1st place – Missouri
2nd Place—Wisconsin
3rd place — Florida
4th Place – Pennsylvania Red
5th place – Idaho
6th place – Oklahoma Blue
7th Place – Team Michigan Blue
8th place – Georgia Blue

1st Place Match – Missouri Dec. Wisconsin, 46-27
3rd Place Game – Florida Dec. Pennsylvania Red, 49-17
5th Place Game – Idaho Dec. Oklahoma Blue, 53-25
7th Place Game—Team Michigan Blue Dec. Georgia Blue, 44-33

Red/blue pool:
1st Place – Kansas Blue
2nd place — Texas Red
3rd place – Indiana Gold
4th Place – Minnesota Red
5th place – Alabama
6th Place – North Dakota Blue
7th Place – Team Michigan Red
8th place – Kansas Red

1st Place Match – Kansas Blue Dec. Texas Red, 50-29
3rd Place Game – Indiana Gold Dec. Minnesota Red, 42-33
Game for 5th place – Alabama Dec. North Dakota Blue, 51-17
7th Place Game – Team Michigan Red Dec. Kansas Red, 41-37

Green/yellow pool:
1st place — Virginia
2nd Place—Nebraska
3rd Place—Georgia Red
4th place—Texas Blue
5th place – North Carolina
6th place — Louisiana
Nebraska beat Georgia Red 32-29.
Texas Blue defeated North Carolina 39-27.
Virginia defeated Louisiana 48-12.
Virginia defeated Georgia Red 38-32.
Texas Blue defeated Louisiana 36-27.
Nebraska beat North Carolina 44-24.
Georgia Red defeated Louisiana 41-20.
Nebraska defeated Texas Blue 37-27.
Virginia defeated North Carolina 45-26.
Georgia Red beat North Carolina 37-22.
Virginia defeated Texas Blue 44-29.
Nebraska beat Louisiana 42-24.
Georgia Red defeated Texas Blue 33-19.
North Carolina beat Louisiana 33-28.
Virginia defeated Nebraska 45-26.

Robert J. King