Camdyn Ingram of Live Oak placed second at Greco-Roman National Tournament | High school sports

FARGO, North Dakota – Sometimes a career highlight happens when you least expect it. Live Oak High wrestler Camdyn Ingram made competitive history in a discipline he trained for just four months.

Ingram placed second in the 152-pound category of the Greco-Roman competition at the Marines National Cadet and Junior Championship on Thursday.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I started training at Greco Roman for the first time after the end of the high school season,” Ingram said. “What I knew was that I wanted to come home with an All-American honor somehow. “

Ingram becomes the third school-aged contender from Louisiana to advance to a final at the national tournament level. The other two were former Rummel star Scott Gibbons and ex-Northside High star Daniel Cormier, an Olympian who is now one of the UFC’s top contenders in the world.

Ingram lost 7-1 to Carson Manville of Pennsylvania in Thursday’s final. Junior LOHS won three bouts on day one of the Greco-Roman competition, including a pin for a victory from behind over competitor No.3.

In addition to the Greco-Roman second place, Ingram also placed eighth in the freestyle wrestling competition, earning an All-American honors spot earlier in the week.

The difference between the two wrestling disciplines is notable. Greco-Roman competitors are not allowed to trip or grab an opponent’s legs, emphasizing strength and upper body movements.

“I lost my first fight (freestyle) and then won six in a row,” said Ingram, who was 6-2 in the freestyle of the tournament. “If I had won one more time, I would have been named an All-American there. It motivated me.

In his sophomore for the Eagles, Ingram had an incredible 65-1 record which included the Baton Rouge Metro and LHSAA Division II titles also at 152 pounds. He begins his junior season with a career record of 122-6.

“It’s a huge accomplishment,” said LOHS coach Chris Collier. “Camdyn has worked so hard over the past four or five months to get to this point. He went to New Orleans and looked for the best competition. He deserved it.

Ingram said the second place / All-American finish provides a boost of confidence and motivation.

“Before that, I think people saw me as a guy who was just good in Louisiana,” Ingram said. “Now they see there is more to it. I can’t wait to resume training.

Robert J. King