College wrestler by day, BKFC star by night: Bare

Kai Stewart had an unusual training camp ahead of his fight Saturday at BKFC 24 in Great Falls, MT.

While most fighters were starting to wrap up their camp the last week before fight week, Stewart was wrapping up his college finals.

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship star by night, student and wrestler by day at the University of Providence in Great Falls. Stewart predicts Aces down the line.

“I can blame my business teacher for fighting at BKFC because she told me to follow the money,” Stewart laughs. “You have to find what works for you and follow the money. Right now it’s BKFC.

Hence its nickname, “Hefty Bag”.

Although methodical in the Squared Circle, Stewart says he lives in the moment. Luckily, there are no shortage of options for the ambitious 21-year-old featherweight contender. He is on his way to graduating twice and recently entered the BKFC rankings. He also has an impressive 7-3 amateur MMA record under his belt.

Stewart predicts a quick end Saturday when he faces Daniel Gary in his hometown of Great Falls, MT LIVE on BKTV. From there, he is delighted to establish himself as a star in the world of bare-knuckle combat.

“A BKFC belt is close at hand and that’s what I’m looking for,” says Stewart. “I would like to become the face of the BKFC featherweight division, at least. It’s something I would enjoy every second of.

Robert J. King