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Paramount’s animated feature film To scold features several true stars of pro sports and cameos from WWE wrestlers. The film is currently only available on Paramount + after several delays and date changes, mostly due to COVID-19, compromised the release. To scold features professional monster wrestling as its core concept and is a partner project with WWE Studios, so it’s no surprise that the colorful film has several real-life wrestlers and well-known sports figures among the ranks of its talented cast. of voice.

To scoldThe story follows Winnie Coyle (Geraldine Viswanathan), the daughter of legendary monster fighting trainer Jimmy Coyle, who tragically passed away with his monster, Rayburn. Years later, Winni, who herself has a knack for the coaching game, dreams of following in her father’s footsteps in the big monster-fighting leagues. To scold also features a monster named Steve the Stupendous, aka Rayburn Jr., who is voiced by Will Arnett of The Lego Batman movie notoriety. Although Steve is a definite fan who enjoys salsa dancing more than real wrestling, To scold sees him and Winnie team up to train and devise a strategy that will make Steve the next greatest monster fighting champion using his dancing skills to their advantage. Throughout this journey, Winnie and Rayburn face huge underdog chances, facing off against the seemingly unbeatable antagonist from the movie Tentacular, who is played by Brooklyn 99by Terry Crews.


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Corn To scoldThe vocal cast of doesn’t just include notable TV and movie stars. Several supporting characters, along with a host of other cameos, are actually voiced by actual WWE fighters, other professional athletes, sports figures, and announcers. Here’s an explanation of where viewers can find each in the movie and how their characters fit into the big picture of To scoldthe story of.

Becky Lynch as Axehammer

Becky Lynch Axehammer Rumble Cameo

First and foremost, as in the Rocky and Creed franchises, real WWE fighters make appearances in To scold. Rebecca Quin (ring name: Becky Lynch), a WWE superstar who performs on the Raw brand, voices underground monster wrestler Axehammer. The character is most notable for her appearance in one of Ray’s workouts, in which she plays baby to her Johnny while practicing a Dirty dance– elevator style.

Roman reigns as Ramarilla

Ramarilla Rumble cameo by Roman Reigns

Joe Anoa’i (ring name: Roman Reigns) is another WWE pro who appears in To scold. Roman Reigns plays on the SmackDown brand and is the current WWE Universal Champion. It voices Rayburn’s first official opponent, Ramarilla, a fierce and incredibly strong gorilla-like monster with ram’s horns. Although the appearance of Ramarilla in To scold short, he makes a lasting impression due to his almost comedic level of aggression and the fact that he’s giving Rayburn such a run for his money. Anoa’i himself has accredited acting credit alongside wrestling superstar Dwayne Johnson in action 2019 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Charles Barkley as Rayburn Sr.

Charles Barkley Rayburn Sr Rumble Cameo

To scold also has a few appearances by professional athletes outside of WWE fights. One of Space jamNBA basketball players Charles Barkley are returning to the big screen as Ray’s dad, Rayburn Sr., in a few flashbacks. Rayburn Sr. doesn’t have too many lines in To scold but plays an important role since he was one of the leading monster fighting talents before his sudden death. Rayburn Sr. is also a source of tension for Ray, as the young wrestler doesn’t want to feel in his father’s shadow.

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Chris Eubank as King Gorge

Chris Eubank King Gorge Rumble Cameo

Chris Eubank, a former British professional boxer who is considered one of the best middleweight boxers of all time, voices the bulldog-like monster King Gorge that Tentacular faces in his first match. Like Rayburn Sr., Gorge doesn’t utter many lines in the film, but he suits the famous Eubank perfectly thanks to his Union Jack branding and defending champion status at the start of the film. To scold. Eubank himself has a limited acting resume, with an appearance in the Orlando Bloom feature in 2004. The calcium child.

Terry Crews as sprawling

Terry Crews sprawling in Paramount + 's Rumble

Likewise, some of To scoldThe big players in have a pro sports history. Brooklyn 99Terry Jeffords actor Terry Crews voices the lead antagonist in To scold, sprawling. Crews played in the NFL for six years in the ’90s before becoming an actor. To scold, which concerns professional sport.

Tony Danza as Siggy

Tony Danza Siggy Rumble Cameo

Much like Terry Crews, Tony Danza, who plays Tentacular’s coach Siggy, also had a brief professional sports career before becoming an actor. Danza, who is best known for his roles in TV shows Taxi and Who is the boss? was actually a boxer before he became an actor in the late 1970s.

Stephen A. Smith as Marc Remy

Stephen A. Smith Marc Remy Rumble Cameo (1)

To scold not only uses professional athletes in its vocal cast, but also famous sports commentators and TV personalities. One of them is Stephen A. Smith, an iconic American sports analyst for ESPN, who plays anti-monster analyst Marc Remy. YouTube star Jimmy Tatro voices his co-host, Lights Out McGinty, and often has to vouch for Rayburn’s promise as an unconventional wrestler when the highly skeptical Remy tries to put him down and call him embarrassment.

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Michael Buffer as ring announcer

Michael Buffer MC Rumble Cameo

Smith isn’t the only well-known sports personality to make a suitable appearance in To scold. Last but not least, the famous MC boxer Michael Buffer, who filed the slogan “Let’s be ready to rumbleStoker’s ring announcer expresses. It’s a perfect cameo, as he sees Buffer doing what he does best, even delivering his signature line in the film’s first game. Not only that, but Buffer’s cameo is a fitting nod to To scoldtitle itself, which is taken from his classic MC routine. So, of all the real cameos from WWE wrestlers and sports stars in To scold, Buffer’s is probably the most important because of its close connection to the subject of the film.

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