Final series and final round robin bouts set for Greco-Roman heavyweights and five girls at U15 Pan Am Team Trials

Hudson Loges of Nebraska lifts Michael Romero of California in the 48kg semifinals at the U15 Pan Am Team Trials. Photo by Greg Kaup.

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – The first session ended at the U15 Pan Am Team Trials at Boys Town High School on Friday morning. The 10 weight classes for the boys’ Greco-Roman competition take place today, along with the first five weight classes for the girls.

Semi-finals were held in the contested weight classes in brackets, and round-robin play began in the other weight classes.

Note: Schedule has changed, with finals and medal matches at 1:00 p.m. CT

Greco-Roman update

At 38kg, Liam Collins of Minnesota, winner of the 14U and U15 Nationals in Greco-Roman this year will face Cruzer Dominguez of Nebraska, a 14U Greco-Roman champion, in the final series.

The 41kg final series features Daniel Green of Montana, a 14U Greco-Roman champion, against Jensen Boyd of Indiana, Boyd defeated 16U national champion Caleb Noble of Wisconsin in the semifinals, 12-7.

Florida’s Lincoln Sledzianowski, who won the U15 and 16U national titles this year, has made it to the final series at 48kg, where he takes on Nebraska’s Hudson Loges. Loges pinned U15 Nationals champion Michael Romero of California in the semifinals in 3:33. Sledzianowski edged 14U national champion Will Detar of Pennsylvania in the semifinals, 2-0.

Colorado’s Thomas Verrette, who won the national U15 and 16U Greco-Roman titles this year, will face Wisconsin’s Jacob Herm in the 57kg final series.

In the 62kg final series, U15 national champion Blue Stiffler of South Carolina will face Nolan Fellers of Iowa for the title.

The 68 kg championship series features Christopher Acuna of Montana and Mikel David Uyemura of California. Acuna scored an 8-0 technical fall over U15 national champion Owen McMullen of Pennsylvania in the semifinals.

At 75kg, U15 national champion Terrell McFarland of Pennsylvania and Miguel Rojas of Indiana are ready for the championship series,

There are round robin tournaments at 52 kg and 85 kg. We will communicate the final results during the second wrap-up session.

California’s Henry Aslikyan won the 44kg title without contest. Aslikyan finished second at the 2022 U15 National Championships in freestyle at 41kg.

Girls Freestyle Update

The best-of-three championship final has been determined at 39kg, U15 national champion Jaclyn Bouzakis of Florida will face Abigail Mendoza of Texas in the best-of-three series.

Two weight classes in which there are three-athlete round robins have already started their series of championships, after the round robin ended this morning.

to anyone. Turner, who won the 14U and U15 national titles this year, beat Breeden by technical pinfall in the round robin, with the second fight scheduled for session two.

In the 46kg round robin, Ysabelle Ocampo of Indiana and Sandy Breeden of Missouri reached the best of three championship finals. Ocampo beat Breeden by pinfall in the round robin, so she leads the series best-of-three, one game to none. The second round will take place at 1 p.m. In the round robin, all three athletes were 1-1, so placement in the pool was determined by criteria.

Wisconsin’s Brynn Engel, who won the 14U and U15 national titles earlier this year, won the girls’ 33kg weight class without contest. There were no entries in the 36 kg weight class for girls.

At Boys Town, Neb., August 5, 2022

Women’s Freestyle Championship Series pairings
33kg – Brynn Engel (WI), champion

39kg – Abigail Mendoza (TX) vs. Jaclyn Bouzakis (FL)

42kg – Morgan Turner (IL) edges out Lilly Breeden (MO), one game to zero
Bout One – Turner tech fall Breeden, 10-0
End Two – at 1:00 p.m. session

46 kg – Ysabelle Ocampo (IN) is ahead of Sandy Breeden (MO), a match to zero
Combat One – Ocampo pin Breeden, 2:54
End Two – at 1:00 p.m. session

Greco-Roman Championship Series pairings
38kg – Liam Collins (MN) vs. Cruzer Dominguez (NE)
41kg – Jensen Boyd (IN) vs. Daniel Green (MT)
44 kg – Henry Aslikyan (CA), undisputed champion
48kg – Hudson Loges (NE) vs. Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL)
57kg – Thomas Verrette (CO) vs. Jacob Herm (WI)
62kg – Nolan Fellers (IA) vs. Blue Stiffler (SC)
68kg – Christopher Acuna (MT) vs. Mikel David Uyemura (CA)
75kg – Terrell McFarland (PA) vs. Miguel Rojas (IN)

Results of the semi-finals

Results of the girls’ freestyle semi-finals

39 kilograms
Abigail Mendoza (TX) won by decision over Dilynn Albrecht (WI) Dec 6-0
Jaclyn Bouzakis (FL) won by fall over Katie Biscoglia (IA) Fall 1:28

Results of the Greco-Roman semi-finals

38 kilograms
Liam Collins (MN) won by fall over Samuel Sanchez (CA) Fall 1:28
Cruzer Dominguez (NE) won by decision over Tristan Pino (CO) Dec. 7-6

41 kilograms
Jensen Boyd (IN) won by decision over Caleb Noble (WI) from December 12-7
Daniel Green (MT) won by technical fall over Brighton Karvoski (CT) TF 8-0

48 kilograms
Hudson Loges (NE) won by fall over Michael Romero (CA) Fall 3:33
Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL) won by decision over Will Detar (PA) 2-0 December

57 kilograms
Thomas Verrette (CO) won by technical fall over Ned Kauffman (PA) TF 8-0
Jacob Herm (WI) won by decision against Jesse Grajeda (CA) on December 9 and 9

62 kilograms
Nolan Fellers (IA) won by decision against Nathaniel Askew (GA) December 3-1
Blue Stiffler (SC) won by technical fall over Zack Aquila (OH) TF 11-2

68 kilograms
Christopher Acuna (MT) won by technical fall over Owen McMullen (PA) TF 8-0
Mikel David Uyemura (CA) won via decision over Liam Fox (WY) Dec. 10-7

Terrell McFarland (PA) won by technical fall over Daniel Patrick (OR) TF 8-0
Miguel Rojas (IN) won by decision over Isai Fernandez (CA) 7-2 December

freestyle girls round robin

1st place – Morgan Turner of Illinois
2nd Place – Lilly Breeden of MO
3rd Place – Angelica Serratos of California
Lilly Breeden (MO) won by decision over Angelica Serratos (CA) (December 11-5)
Morgan Turner (IL) won by technical fall over Lilly Breeden (MO) (TF 10-0)
Morgan Turner (IL) won by technical fall over Angelica Serratos (CA) (TF 10-0)
Note: Turner and Breeden will continue in the best-of-three championship series

46 kilograms
1st place – Ysabelle Ocampo from IN
2nd Place – Sandy Breeden of MO
3rd place – Madison Nieuwenhuis from MI
Madison Nieuwenhuis (MI) won by decision over Ysabelle Ocampo (IN) (Dec. 2-1.2-1)
Ysabelle Ocampo (IN) won by pinfall over Sandy Breeden (MO) (Fall 2:54)
Sandy Breeden (MO) won by decision over Madison Nieuwenhuis (MI) (December 4-0)
Note: Ocampo and Breeden will continue in the best-of-three championship series

Greco-Roman round robins

52 kilograms
Round 1 – Josiah Boyden (GA) won by decision over Declan Koch (WI) (December 9-4)
Round 2 – Declan Koch (WI) won by decision against Matthew Orbeta (CA) (December 7-5)
Round 3 – at 1:00 p.m. session

85 kilograms
Round 1 – Dreshaun Ross (IA) won by technical fall over Adonis Bonar Ii (NE) (TF 8-0)
Round 2 – at 1:00 p.m. session

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