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SHERIDAN – A baby-faced kid went to high school wrestling coach Sheridan and told him he wanted to be the best wrestler around. That’s what Hayden Hastings told head coach Tyson Shatto years ago.

Hastings has since made a name for himself at both Sheridan and the University of Wyoming. Hastings was a three-time Wyoming State Champion as a Bronc and a two-time All-American. Hastings is a sixth-year senior due to the COVID-19 rule allowing another year of eligibility. He played in the NCAA Tournament last season and was just one win away from qualifying for the NCAA Championships, one step closer to becoming an All-American.

“It still keeps me up at night, but I still have a year to fix it,” Hastings said.

Hastings has remained busy in the offseason. He took advantage of the NCAA’s new name, image and likeness rule, which allows student-athletes to make a profit. With NIL, Hastings was able to sell himself and make money on the side. He bought blank T-shirts and borrowed a heat press to put the word ‘Mr. Sicknasty’ on them, his nickname.

Hastings traveled to Amateur Athletic Union tournaments when he was younger. He and his friends jokingly called almost everything “sick” and “nasty.” He took the moniker home and changed his social media handles to “Mr. SickNasty.

“People started calling me Mr. SickNasty, and then I thought I might as well use that to sell myself,” Hastings said.

Hastings began ironing all of his shirts at the end of the school year and estimates he has sold 200 to 300 over and youth wrestling camps ever since.

“I did pretty well. I’m not going to back down on that or anything. But I made some money this summer,” Hastings said.

Hastings has the opportunity to become Wyoming’s first five-time NCAA qualifier and first All-American since Bryce Meredith of Cheyenne Central High School. Hastings gives Shatto a lot of credit for becoming the wrestler he is.

“He did more for me in the fight than I can say thank you,” Hastings said. “There’s a long list of people, but Tyson has been amazing. We always stay in touch. I go over there and see his daughters and his new son and his new wife. We have a very good relationship. He showed me a lot. »

Hastings also left a permanent impression on Shatto.

“Guys like Hastings don’t come around very often. He is always driven to improve. He is coachable. He grabbed wrestling from an early age and then was able to take it forward,” Shatto said.

Shatto returns for his 17th year as Sheridan High School’s wrestling coach. He expressed that he was pushed to improve while coaching Hastings.

“Hayden had ambitious goals,” Shatto said. “Sometimes I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get him where his goals aspired to be. He motivated me and pushed me in my coaching abilities. Here is a guy who really wants to do something. Now I have to understand that too.

The Shatto family remains close to Hastings. They all own a Mr. Sicknasty T-shirt.

“My girls knew dad was training someone who needed his attention. And they saw the amount of energy and time I put into Hayden. He didn’t take that for granted,” said Shatto. “He knew that my time was precious and that I was away from other things, my family. So he spent time with my family and got to know my wife and kids. My kids think the world of him, they call him Baby Face. The way he treats my family speaks volumes.

justin hunter is a reporter for The Sheridan Press.

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