Four Iranians among the best Greco-Roman wrestlers in the world

United World Wrestling (UWW) has named the best Greco-Roman wrestlers of 2021, including four Iranians.

Maysam Delkhani crowned the champion in the 63 kg category in Norwegian competitions, gold medalist in 67 kg at the Tokyo Olympics and competitions in Norway. Mohammadreza Geraee and Aliakbar Yousefi, the top wrestlers in the 13 kg category in Norway’s international matches, were presented as the top wrestlers in their own weight class.

Mohammadhadi Saravi, Toyo’s bronze medalist and gold medal winner in Norwegian competitions, was also selected as a finalist in the 97 kg category.

The UWW is paying a total cash prize of $ 600,000 to the top wrestlers in ten weight classes in the Freestyle, Greco-Roman and Women’s competitions. The distribution of the cash award is as follows:

1st row wrestler: $ 10,000
2nd wrestler: $ 7,000
3rd place wrestler: $ 3,000

United World Wrestling (UWW) is the international governing body for the sport of amateur wrestling; his duties include overseeing wrestling at the Olympics.

He presides over international competitions for various forms of wrestling, including Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, grappling, for men and women, and others.

The flagship event of the UWW is the World Wrestling Championship. It was formerly known as FILA, in French: “Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées”, literally “Fédération Internationale des Styles de Lutte Associés”, which took its current name in September 2014.

Robert J. King