four members of the global team have decided

Phillip Moomey after making the U23 World Team. Photo by Sam Janicki

After a day full of struggle at the SPIRE Institute in Geneva, Ohio, the 2022 Greco-Roman U23 World Tag Team Champions have been crowned after securing victories over their opponents in the best-of-three series finals. These champions are set to make the U23 World Team for the opportunity to compete at the World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain (October 17-23), given that there is no age-eligible athlete of the Senior Men’s Greco-Roman National Team (Final X Winner, Final X Runner-up or 3rd overall Senior Athlete via the 2022 Senior Men’s Greco-Roman World Trials) who accepts the berth .

Summary of the three Greco-Roman U23 finals:

55 kilograms

Camden Russell (MWC Wrestling Academy) clinched his ticket to the World Championships after defeating Samuel Braswell (Cougar Wrestling Club) in two straight matches. Russell can get comfortable in his place on the 2022 World Team as there is no age-eligible senior athlete in the mix at 55kg. Russell was close to walking out of the gate in the first best-of-three encounter of the series scoring early with a 4-point shot. Braswell responded with two runs after getting the better of Russell’s arm spin attempt in the first minute of the period. After the break, Braswell scored two points from the whistle with a body key to level the score 4-4, but in the end it was Russell who found a way to win by scoring four points from a hold leading forward, winning 8-4. Russell quickly wrapped up the series with a 9-0 technical fall in game two.

60 kilograms

Phillip Moomey put on a show at 60kg. Moomey (Spartan Combat RTC) defeated Max Black (NMU-National Training Center) in two straight matches to clinch his ticket to the World Championships, as there are no other eligible senior athletes ahead of him. Black had an impressive day, bouncing between mats in the U20 and U23 finals, but he couldn’t get past Moomey who kept him from making two World Teams. Moomey scored four points on a body lock and one on a push out to start Game 1 with a 5-0 lead. Black was able to put two points on the board, but Moomey put the match out of reach when he pinned Black with an assassin. In round two, Moomey defeated Black, who was ultimately knocked down. From there, Moomey finished with a technical fall, 8-0.

63 kilograms

Savion Haywood (Iguana Wrestling Club) is the champion at 63kg after back-to-back technical falls over Zachary Westlund (Gladiator Wrestling Club). He finished the opener in 45 seconds after repeating a snap down, go-behind to a gut wrench combination twice in a row. The second round followed suit. Haywood scored four runs on an explosive throw of double hooks to Westlund’s back, ending the period in 30 seconds with a technical drop, 8-0.

67 kilograms

Cayden Henschel (Askren Wrestling Academy) and Job Greenwood (Wyoming Wrestling Reg Training Ctr) went the distance in the best-of-three series. After losing in the first round 8-7, Greenwood came back to win the next two games winning 5-6 and 10-0. In the first round, Greenwood took a 5-0 lead which he maintained throughout the period. In the second, Henschel was successful on the floor scoring four points on an inverted lift and two more on a gut wrench, the game ended 8-7 in favor of Henschel. Round two was another close battle. Henschel started with a headlock behind Greenwood’s back, at which point it looked like he would run away with the game, but Greenwood wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. After the break, Greenwood came back to win with a 6-5 decision over Henschel. In the deciding game, Greenwood cleaned things up nicely with a 10-0 technical drop.


Peter Ogunsanya (West Point Wrestling Club) defeated Dominic Damon (NMU-National Training Center) for the World Team Trials title with an 8-3 victory in the first round before Damon retired from the series. Ogunsanya was knocked down on the ground where Damon was able to score two on a corner to take a 3-0 lead. However, Ogunsanya scored a forward header which led to a series of turns to seal the deal. Ahead of Ogunsanya for the U23 World Team spot is Final X Stillwater champion Benji Peak.

77 kilograms

Northern Colorado’s Cody Eaton and Justin Mccunn (Viking Wrestling Club) traded matches in the first two rounds before Eaton’s injury defaulted in the finals, giving Mccunn the title. Mccunn parried Eaton for a 3-0 first-half lead and ended up winning the game 7-0. In the second encounter, the wrestlers appeared to collide heads when McCunn took Eaton in the back for the pin, leading to a possible injury by default in the third round. Britton Holmes (Final X) and Payton Jacobson (National Team) stand ahead of Mccunn for the World Team spot.

82 kilograms

Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy) picked up a dominating victory over Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania RTC) in the first round with an 11-3 technical fall. Cunningham led 7-3 in the second period and it was a toe-to-back throw for four runs that locked the game. Hendricks managed to adapt to take the second-round victory with a 6-3 decision. He hit a four-point body lock and a side drop to secure the lead. The third round was all about Cunningham, who ended the series with a 13-6 decision over Hendricks. The victory guarantees Cunningham a place in the 2022 World Team.

87 kilograms

Michial Foy (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC) and Vincent Baker (Blue Blood Wrestling Club) faced off. Baker kicked off the best-of-three series with an arm spin that led to a series of corners in the first minute. Baker won the first game 9-5. In games two and three, Foy turned the script on its head with two technical falls. Foy pushed the pace in game two with Baker knocked down where Foy scored five points on a lift, winning 8-0. The 2022 U23 World Team spot is guaranteed for Foy.

97 kilograms

Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), 2021 Senior Pan Am Bronze Medalist and returning member of the U23 World Team, got the job done against opponent Ryan Tiers (Kansas) in two clean sweeps. Game 1 of the series was marked by a four-point shot in the opening 15 seconds and it didn’t take much longer for Boykin to rack up enough points for a technical downfall. The Ohio State wrestler then repeated a technical fall in the final game of the series with a takedown, four points on a body lock and two more on a go-behind. Boykin’s spot on the World Team depends on whether Braxton Amos, who takes on G’Angelo Hancock in Final X New York, accepts or declines his offer.

130 kilograms

The 2021 Junior Pan American Champion, Matthew Cover (New Jersey RTC) defeated his opponent Gary Powell (Ohio) in two straight matches. Cover converted Powell four straight in the first round for the 9-0 technical fall. In Game 2, Cover took Powell in the back for a first-period pin. Cover’s spot on the World Team is up to the decision of Final X 130kg champion Cohlton Schultz.

2022 U23 World Greco-Roman Team Trials Champions:

55kg – Camden Russell (MWC Wrestling Academy)
60kg – Phillip Moomey (Spartan Combat RTC)
63kg – Savion Haywood (Iguana Wrestling Club)
67kg – Job Greenwood (Wyoming Wrestling Reg Training Ctr) 72kg – Peter Ogunsanya (West Point Wrestling Club)
77kg – Justin McCunn (Viking Wrestling Club)
82 kg – Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy)
87 kg – Michial Foy (Gopher Wrestling Club – RTC)
97 kg – Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Children’s Wrestling Club)
130 kg – Matthew Cover (New Jersey RTC)

Senior Men’s National Greco-Roman Team age eligible wrestlers who could accept a spot on the U23 World Team:

63 kg – Mason Carzino-Hartshorn (national team)
67kg – Alston Nutter (Final X)
67kg – Peyton Omania (National Team)
72kg – Benji Peak (Final X)
72kg – Noah Wachsmuth (National Team)
77 kg – Britton Holmes (Final X)
77kg – Payton Jacobson (National Team)
97kg – Braxton Amos (Final X)
130 kg – Cohlton Schultz (Final X)

Scheduled event:

Saturday June 4

Session 1: Freestyle
U20 FS World Team Trials – Challenge Tournament – Preliminaries, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Finals and Consolations
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
U23 (Men) FS Preliminaries and Consolations
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Session 2: Freestyle:
U20 FS World Team Trials Challenge Tournament Consolations, All Medal Matches and FINAL WTT Best 2 of 3 finals
4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
U23 (Men) FS Preliminaries and Consolations
4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Sunday June 5

Session 3: Freestyle:
U23 (Men) FS Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Consolations, All Medal Matches and Best 2 of 3 Finals
10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The action will be broadcast live on FloLutte
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Robert J. King