Freestyle Betting Tips

You may be wondering: what is the difference between Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling? Are they not the same? Actually no. In Greco-Roman wrestling, you cannot work on an opponent’s legs. Kicks struck lower than the waist are prohibited. In freestyle, sweeps are acceptable, for example. Greco-Roman wrestling is still an Olympic sport, so we can see it in Tokyo this summer with full news coverage and betting tips on However, freestyle wrestling can be more fun and exciting, especially when you know how to bet on the outcome.

Basic betting.

  • To win. A bet on the victory of an athlete. It doesn’t matter how it was done (in points or ahead of schedule). Look in the rules of the bookmaker how the bookmaker qualifies a victory due to the disqualification of an opponent.
  • To win the tournament. The judges organize major freestyle wrestling tournaments according to the Olympic system (eliminations). Due to the rigor, the athletes have no margin for error. Any defeat automatically blocks their chance to win gold medals.
  • Winning with a handicap. One of the athletes must win with a point handicap. According to the updated freestyle wrestling rules, the athlete who achieves a 10 point advantage during the fight wins.
  • Total points. The bet is too risky for freestyle wrestling since, with equal probability, the fight can end with a score of 4: 3 and 10: 9.
  • With the “touch” (publication date). A situation where a wrestler has pressed and held his opponent with his shoulder blades on the mat for 3 seconds. If the athlete performs “hit” (fall), he wins the bout early.

Features of Freestyle Wrestling Bets.

It is essential to learn the rules of the sport. For various techniques, the wrestler can be awarded from 1 to 5 points. For prohibited techniques, 1 point is awarded to the opponent. Follow the last fights of the athletes. In what techniques they are strong and give a rough picture of the fight to come.

It is difficult to bet on an athlete who has recently changed weight. His current ranking will not yet reflect his actual position in the leaderboard, so the bookmaker’s odds on him may not match the actual odds. Usually with a decrease in weight category the wrestler shows better results, and with an increase in weight the effects worsen, but this rule does not always work.

In freestyle there are some uncomfortable opponents, so follow the wrestler’s story. Support for wrestlers in countries like Turkey, Iran or Azerbaijan is very high. It’s no surprise that athletes perform better in home tournaments.

Due to the fact that freestyle wrestling tournaments are held on a tight schedule, athletes can have multiple fights in one day. Even if they advance to the next stage of the tournament with each new victory, the level of their opponents almost always increases. Wrestlers who are physically tough in this rhythm of fighting will have a better chance of winning.

Free wrestling throw

In conclusion.

If you add up the dates of all the major freestyle wrestling tournaments that take place throughout the year, then in general it won’t last more than a month. For this reason, freestyle wrestling cannot be viewed as an independent betting discipline.

Freestyle wrestling is so far ahead of Greco-Roman wrestling that there is even talk of excluding the latter from the Olympic Games. Nevertheless, this sport has room to develop.

Robert J. King