Greco-Roman heroes, veteran wrestlers and a few other legends round out the week

Andy Bisek, World Medalist and NMU NTS Greco-Roman Head Coach. Photo by Adam Engel.

We will be ending this year’s posts from In the House for Fargo week. With the largest Junior and 16U National Championships ever staged, the Fargodome floor has been packed all week. With so many athletes and coaches, it may have been harder to find people for this story.

As we only do Greco-Roman today, we found other great American wrestlers from our Greco-Roman past.

World champion Joe Warren, who is the last American Greco-Roman wrestler to win a world title in 2006, was in the house. I don’t know why, but every time Joe Warren is around, the level of excitement increases. The Baddest Man on the Planet, as he became known, starred in MMA after his Greco-Roman days ended.

Two-time world bronze medalist and Olympian Andy Bisek was here for his current job as head coach of the Greco-Roman program at Northern Michigan University’s national training site. This event can be the best place to harvest the best talents who wish to pursue their Greco-Roman studies while pursuing their university studies. His assistant trainer Parker Betts, who also wrestled at NMU, was also in attendance. (And yes, Bisek’s mustache is doing well).

We caught up with another World Senior Team member in Jason Klohs, who has a strong connection to Minnesota wrestling from youth through college to the international level. Add the current Greco-Roman star and also a member of the world team to Pat Smith, who is also here.

There were a few people we didn’t touch on in our last feature who weren’t affiliated with the Greco-Roman event but are worth mentioning. Cliff Cushard, Adrian’s female head coach, was here last night. Cushard is a leader in college women’s wrestling and has put together a nice program at Adrian.

One of the college assistants we did not include was Earl Hall from northern Colorado. Earl helps coach a state team and is still here as a coach during the Greco-Roman period.

Each year, two-time Veteran World Champion Chris Brown helps document the members of the United States Veteran World Team who are here in a coaching role. These adult athletes often assist coaching clubs and state teams in their home communities, many of whom come to Fargo to work with young athletes. This year, Brown has identified the following veteran wrestlers at the Dome: Rudy James, Brad Brosious, Mike Tuck, Jordin Humphrey, Rich Manning, Wolf Estrada, Brett Clark and Nick Hull. Wrestling continues to thrive as coaches pass on their knowledge to newer ones. generation.

We created a caption category this year for this column, and we really need to include Sandy Stevens. She announced all but one of the Junior National Championship events, making it 50 years since Sandy was the voice of this incredible tournament. She not only ensured that this event was conducted with a high level of excellence, but she also became a historian of this particular event, as well as the sport of wrestling.

We also have to add Joan Fulp, second vice president of USA Wrestling, to the list of legends. Working with Andrea Yamamoto on the USA Girls Wrestling Development Committee, she spearheaded the incredible growth of high school wrestling for girls. Just a few years ago, we only had six states with official girls’ championships. We are now at 36, with a number more on the way. You don’t host the greatest women’s wrestling tournament of all time (with nearly 1,000 entries) without a thriving high school level. Joan was here all week supporting the event, handing out awards and making a difference.

IN THE HOUSE – So far this week in Fargo… (as of July 19)

Olympic champions – Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Jordan Burroughs,

World championsJoe Warren, Clarissa Chun, Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones, Les Gutches, Jordan Burroughs

Olympic medalists – Clarissa Chun, Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones, Brandon Paulson, Jordan Burroughs, Tervel Dlagnev

World medalists: Andy Bisek, Alyssa Lampe, James Green, Clarissa Chun, Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones, Brandon Eggum, Shawn Sheldon, Daniel Cormier, Brandon Paulson, Les Gutches, Ali Bernard, André Metzger, Becka Leathers, Tervel Dlagnev, Jordan Burroughs ,

Olympians: Andy Bisek, Clarissa Chun, Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Shawn Sheldon, Eric Guerrero, Zeke Jones, Daniel Cormier, Les Gutches, Ali Bernard, Ike Anderson, Brandon Paulson, Jordan Burroughs, Robby Smith, Steve Mocco, Ben Askren, Tervel Dlagnev , Haley Augello, Georgi Ivanov

Global Team Members: Jason Klohs, Andy Bisek, Pat Smith, Joe Warren, Clarissa Chun, James Green, Bruce Baumgartner, Kevin Jackson, Zeke Jones, Shawn Sheldon, Eric Guerrero, Brandon Eggum, Chris Bono, Daniel Cormier, Brandon Paulson, Les Gutches, John Oostendorp , Ali Bernard, Veronica Carlson, Ike Anderson, Doug Schwab, Keith Gavin, André Metzger, Zach Rey, Joe Betterman, Deanna Betterman, Danny Felix, Robby Smith, Obe Blanc

NCAA Division. I am champion: Cory Clark (Iowa), Chris Pendleton (Oklahoma State), Bruce Baumgartner (Indiana State), Eric Guerrero (Oklahoma State), Mike Sheets (Oklahoma State), Chris Bono (State of Iowa), Jon Reader (Iowa State), Derek St John (Iowa), Alan Fried (Oklahoma State), Andre Metzger (Oklahoma), Joe Dubuque (Indiana), Doug Schwab (Iowa), Les Gutches (Oregon State), Jayson Ness (Minnesota), Zach Rey (Lehigh), Jared Lawrence (Minnesota), Ben Askren (Missouri, Max Askren (Missouri), Steve Mocco (Iowa/Oklahoma State), Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)

NCAA Division. 2 champions: Tervel Dlagnev (UN-Kearney), Georgi Ivanov (UN-Omaha)

WCWA Women’s Champions: Emily Webster Dew (Oklahoma City), Julia Salata (King), Cody Pfau (Oklahoma City), Jessica Rottier (Cumberlands), Becka Leathers (Oklahoma City),

NAIA Women’s Champion: McKayla Campbell (Campbellsville)

NCWWC Champions (NCAA): Alara Boyd (McKendree), Jessika Rottier (UW-Stevens Point)

Masters/Veterams Wrestlers – Chris Brown, Rudy James, Brad Brosious, Mike Tuck, Jordin Humphrey, Rich Manning, Wolf Estrada, Brett Clark, Nick Hull

Male college head coaches – Chris Pendleton of Oregon State and Mike Poeta of Illinois. Add in Dana Vote of Doane, Jake Kadel of Iowa Wesleyan, Jake Lords of Carl Albert State, Chandler Minnard of Defiance.Brandon Eggum of Minnesota, Zeke Jones of Arizona State, Neil Erisman of Little Rock, Chris Bono of Wisconsin, Sam Barber of Air Force, Dan Wirnsberger of Bucknell, Mike Gray of Cornell, Jordan Leen of Brown, Ned Shuck of Bellarmine, Troy Nickerson of Northern Colorado, Jason Borrelli of American, Aaron Scott of William Penn, Keith Gavin of Pitt, Damian Hahn of South Dakota State, Chris Ayres of Princeton, Roger Reina of Penn, Frank Beasley of George Mason, Doug Schwab of Northern Iowa, Leo Kocher of Chicago, Trevor Kittleson of UW -Platteville, Chayse Jackson of Southwest Minnesota State, John Oostendorp of Coe, Peter Hanson of Emory and Henry, Bruce Haberli of NYU, Roger Kish of North Dakota State, Luke Smith of Cal- State Bakersfield, Jason Reitmeier of Augustana, Blake Roulo of Averett, Brandon Bradley of Nebraska Wesleyan, Ryan Riggs of Moun t Union

Female college head coaches – Cliff Cushard from Adrian, Clarissa Chun from Iowa, Alexio Garcia from McKendree, Brandy Green from Limestone, Lee Miracle from Campbellsville, Paulina Biega from Sacred Heart, Dana Vote from Doane, Brady Kyner from Wartburg, Jake Kadel from Iowa Wesleyan , Alijah Jeffery of Chadron State, Devane Dodgens of Brewton-Parker, Paul Rademacher of Indiana Tech, Shannyn Gillespie of Lakeland, Connor Lapresi of Ferrum

College Assistant Male Coaches: Earl Hall of Northern Colorado, Nate Engel of Oregon State, Chris Perry of Oklahoma State, Tsogtbayar Tserndagva of Doane, Zack Wilcox of Doane, Cash Wilcke of Iowa Western, Zachary Revier of ‘Avila, Carl Albert State’s Blake Andrews, Linfield’s Alyssa Lampe, Northern Colorado’s Earl Walker, Bucknell’s Kevin LeValley, Arizona State’s Lee Pritts, Wisconsin’s Jon Reader, Derek St. John of Iowa State, Joey Dance of American, Jason Chamberlain of Utah Valley, McCade Ford of Wyoming, Lee Roper of UNI, Kevin Jackson of Michigan, Josh Churella of Michigan, Jake Sueflohn of Purdue, Brendan Murphy from Bellarmine, Zeke Andrade from Upstate, Zach Esposito from Oklahoma State, Ryan Morningstar from Iowa, Brad Dillon from Lehigh, Wynn Michalak from Campbell, BJ Futrell from Penn, Muzafar Abdurachmanov from Harvard , Joe Dubuque of Indiana, Elroy Perkin of Cal Baptist, Grant Zamin of North Central, Austin Marsden of North Dakota State, Adam Hall of State of NC, Zach Rey of Lehigh, Drew Headlee of Pitt, Joe North of Columbia, Eric Morrill of Bucknell, Colin Heffernan of Central Michigan, Matt Stencel of Central Michigan, Chad Walsh of Davidson

Women’s College Assistant Coaches: Sarah Allen of Cumberlands, Jay Perez of Cumberlands, Darren Wynn of Indian Hills CC, Landon Williams of Wartburg, Tsogtbayar Tserndagva of Doane, Cash Wilcke of Iowa Western, Kasey Kruszek of Campbellsville, Zachary Revier of Avila, Alyssa Lampe of Linfield , Gary Mayabb of Iowa, Jessika Rottier of Gannon, McKayla Campbell of Campbellsville

RTC trainers: Jeff Buxton of Scarlet Knight WC

NMU NTS Trainers
–Andy Bisek, Parker Betts

Legends: Joan Fulp, Sandy Stevens, Ron Mirikitani, Rick Tucci

State Association Coaches – Geneva Gray from Utah,

Current national team member – Pat Smith, Tanner Farmer, Jordan Burroughs, Ronna Gross,

Former national team members: Na’Tasha Umemoto, Ku’u Robinson, Koral Sugiyama, Deron Winn,

Robert J. King