Heroic High School Wrestler Meet Dana White


Car problems are one of the most embarrassing problems a person can have, but former high school wrestler Canaan Bower recalls how it led him to save two lives almost two years ago.

“I was walking up the street to work on my truck,” Bower explains. “I stopped at the gas station. My town is a small town and there are only two gas stations across from each other. There is a Chucky’s gas station and a Circle K. I was at Circle K, and I walked inside, got my drink and my gas, and when I got out I hear screams on the other side of the street. As I walked to my truck I looked to see what was going on and saw that there was a lady with a baby in her arms running away from this guy behind her.

Kicking into action, Bower got into his truck and crossed the street. Without taking a second to think about his next move, Bower sprinted into the gas station where the commotion had moved.

“I didn’t think much about it,” Bower said. “My body would get in the truck and go, whether my mind said it or not. If I thought about it I probably would have said maybe I should call the cops, it’s none of my business, but my body took me there, and when I got there I knew someone one needed help and that’s all I had on me to listen to. “


Robert J. King