IMPACT Wrestling’s Josh Alexander reveals he’s now a full-time wrestler

IMPACT Wrestling X Division champion Josh Alexander has revealed that he is now a full-time wrestler.

Take from Twitter, The Walking Weapon released a lengthy statement, saying:

“It took 15 years but I’m finally a professional wrestler.

“I have dreamed of this day for longer than I can remember. A day when I don’t need to get up at 3 a.m. to train before heading to the job site. A day when I don’t have to rush from my red-eyed hoe to a shift. A day when I can finally have the time to really devote myself to this job that I love.

“It’s a stressful thought to run without this guaranteed income security coverage. But the risks often produce the greatest rewards.

“I’ve often wondered what I would be able to do as a wrestler if I didn’t have to work more than 40 hours a week on top of training and travel. It’s scary anyway. I guess now we’ll finally be able to find out.

“None of this is possible without the support of the fans. Without Impact Wrestling giving me countless opportunities to show that I am a world class wrestler. Without all the independent promotions that reserve me and give me the time to develop my brand and do what I love.

“I cannot thank you enough. I will continue to show my gratitude by giving my all every time I step into the ring no matter where or for whom. [prayer emoji heart emoji fist emoji]”

Alexander followed with a photo of his helmet, work boots and uniform folded on the floor.

Especially with the last year of COVID-19, job security in the wrestling industry was not guaranteed, and it is not uncommon for wrestlers in smaller or independent promotions to have stable day jobs. next to.

Even notable names like WWE Hall of Fame Bob Backlund had a second income, Mr. Backlund reportedly installed drywall and taught amateur wrestling after leaving the company in the late 1980s, just barely. out of his five years as the WWE Heavyweight World Champion.

Robert J. King