Inam wins gold for Pakistan at 2021 World Beach Wrestling


LAHORE – Pakistan’s top wrestler Inam Butt won the gold medal on Saturday after beating opponent Ukraine 3-0 in the 2021 Beach Wrestling World Championship final.

Earlier today, the Gujranwala-based wrestler, who won Pakistan’s first gold medal at the 21st Commonwealth Games, advanced to the final round after beating Romania’s Mihai Nicolae Palaghia in the semifinals by 3-0 in the 90 kg category. He qualified for the semi-final after eliminating Turkey’s Karadeniz Omer Faruk in the quarter-final.

Earlier, Inam had qualified for the quarter-finals by beating Greek wrestler Georgios Tsaknakis in the second game of the match. The 35-year-old went on to beat a Ukrainian wrestler. In the second game, Inam Butt beat his opponent by 3-0.

In a tweet Thursday, the Pakistani wrestler urged fans to pray for his victory as he expressed his determination to secure gold for the country. Inam Butt had won the gold medal at the Beach Wrestling World Championships held in Turkey in 2018 by scoring his supremacy in the 90kg freestyle final against his Georgian opponent with an exhilarating display of overall performance.

Shortly after Inam’s golden victory, enthusiastic fans began to congratulate the wrestler for winning the gold medal at the 2021 Beach Wrestling World Championship. “Congratulations to all #InamButt Pakistanis who have won a gold medal at the World Beach Wrestling Championships in Italy. We are all proud of you. You proudly hoisted the flag of Pakistan. #TeamEverGreen, ”Mian Omer tweeted.

“Congratulations to Pakistan, another day, another victory. Inam Butt won the gold medal for Pakistan at the Paralympic Games, ”Asgr Ibne Baqir said via his Twitter account. “Two gold medals for Pakistan on two consecutive days. A moment of pride for all of us. Haider Ali and Inam Butt You are the pride of Pakistan. Pakistan is on the rise, ”tweeted Muhammad Umair Arshad.


Robert J. King