Independent wrestler forced to amputate both legs due to ongoing health issues

Professional wrestler Jimmy Rave has taken to social media to talk about a health issue and its consequences.


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With a thread on Twitter, Rave revealed that both of her legs had to be amputated after MRSA was diagnosed in both. Previously, his arm had to be amputated.


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MRSA, methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a cause of staph infection. The same is difficult to medically treat because of its ability to resist antibiotics.

Jimmy Rave has revealed that he has canceled shows in the past for the same reason. However, now his legs had to be amputated and he shared a post about it.

According to him, his love for professional wrestling remains unmatched. However, he shed some light on his legs after realizing that some might spread rumors about him and his condition. Therefore, it was important for him to disclose the information.

“Professional wrestling is everything I’ve ever loved. It sucks to think the tribe I died for would say the wrong things about me. I’ve spent all this time not showing my legs because of this embarrassment Sorry I did not meet your expectations I tried … I really did.

Without a doubt, the road to recovery is long. Plus, for a pro wrestler, it’s nothing short of a really tough phase.


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12 months ago

Jimmy Rave shared the medical bill

It seems that overall it cost him quite a bit during his stay in the hospital. Considering the amount, he asked his fans and the Twitter audience for help. He shared the medical bill with a note on additional charges.

He shared his details with the same, so if anyone needed to help him, he can use it.

Rave didn’t mention any other details, but the itemized invoice is visible to anyone who wants more details.


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The professional wrestler was known for his Ring of Honor race and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Rave worked with both, and during his time with the same, he had made a name for himself.


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In fact, Jimmy Rave once partnered with the current WWE Official Adam Pearce and faced current AEW professional wrestlers Daniel Bryan and CM Punk in a tag team match at Unscripted II in 2006.

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