Iowa wins Junior National Duals Greco-Roman title in dramatic 34-31 win over Minnesota Gold

Iowa, 2022 Junior Greco-Roman National Team Champions. Photo by Pete Isais.

TULSA, Okla. – A clap of thunder near the edge of the mat set off a celebratory roar.

Iowa’s Ryker Graff scored a technical drop over Minnesota Gold’s Michael Olson at 106 pounds to win a national championship 34-31, in the Junior Greco-Roman National Showdown in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Graff walked to the mat for the final game with his team trailing by one point. He led 5-0 at the break and continued to work on Olson. Thirty seconds into the second period, Graff locked his hands around Olson and unloaded. A five-point shot had Graff screaming at his teammates on the bench after clinching the duel.

Minnesota Gold opened the duel with three straight bonus point wins from Brandon Morvari (113), Alan Koehler (120) and AJ Smith (126). Gable Porter put Iowa in the win column at 132. He threw Minnesota Gold’s Tyson Charmoli to solidify a 9-4 win.

The teams traded wins. At 152, Hunter Garvin contributed to the ups and downs nature of the duel with an 11-0 technical fall over Minnesota Gold’s Brendan Howes. Halfway through the first period. Garvin sent Howes straight behind his back on a four-point shot. From there, Garvin punished Howes with a series of adjustable wrenches.

Minnesota Gold extended their lead after Jed Wester recorded a 9-0 technical fall over Iowa’s Gabe Carver.

But an injury flaw sparked a winning streak in Iowa. Minnesota Gold’s Travis Smith suffered an apparent lower body injury against Iowa’s Nicholas Fox and did not continue.

From there, Iowa pulled off three straight wins.

Iowa’s Tate Naaktgeboren scored six straight points to stop Minnesota Gold’s Anthony Tuttle, 8-6, at 182. A fight later, Iowa’s Wyatt Voelker, a junior national champion, scored a critical point to defeat Soren Herzog of Minnesota Gold, 6-5. At 220, Iowa’s Jackson Dewald tied the game at 26-26 after a 12-3 technical fall to Soren Herzog.

But Minnesota Gold didn’t stop. The technological fall frenzy continued with the heavyweights. Minnesota Gold’s Elijah Novak has used his compact frame to pitch Wyatt Smith on several occasions. Novak’s 8-0 win put Minnesota Gold in control.

At 100, Iowa’s Jayden Rinken put his team in position for a comeback after a 13-3 technical fall to Minnesota Gold’s Lawson Eller. Over half the first, Rinken countered a body key with a four-point headlock throw. From there, Rinken pushed finished Eller with two seconds left in the game.

This set the stage for Graff’s big win.

California used a plethora of forfeit wins to crush Oklahoma Red, 50-18, to claim third place in the Gold/Silver Pool. Illinois outlasted Florida, 37-27, for fifth place in the gold/silver pool. In the seventh-place duel, a Wisconsin heavyweight forfeit proved costly. In the next fight, Washington’s Tanner Crosby pinned Wisconsin’s Aidan Gruenenfelder, the game breaker for Washington’s 33-32 victory.

Oklahoma Blue used a pin from Jason Goodin at 106 to defeat Colorado, 36-33, in the Bronze/Copper Pool final.

Michigan Blue edged Georgia Blue, 52-15, to win the Red/Blue Pool. In the yellow/green pool final, Alabama defeated Texas B, 40-28.

The tournament continues Friday with the start of the freestyle competition. Session times are 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Each fight will be broadcast on FloLutte.

In Tulsa, Okla. June 16, 2022

Greco-Roman results

Pool Gold/Silver (Places 1 to 8):
1st place – Iowa
2nd Place – Minnesota Gold
3rd place – California
4th place – Oklahoma Red
5th place — Florida
6th place – Illinois
7th place—Washington
8th place—Wisconsin

1st Place Game – Iowa Dec. Minnesota Gold, 34-31
113: Brandon Morvari (Minnesota Gold) vs. Connor Fiser (Iowa) TF 8-0
120: Alan Koehler (Minnesota Gold) vs. Garret Rinken (Iowa) Fall 2:02
126: AJ Smith (Minnesota Gold) vs. Jaiden Moore (Iowa) TF 13-2
132: Gable Porter (Iowa) vs. Tyson Charmoli (Minnesota Gold) Dec. 9-4
138: Chase Fiser (Iowa) vs. Walker Bents (Minnesota Gold) Dec. 5-2
145: Zach Hanson (Minnesota Gold) vs. Kael Scranton (Iowa) TF 8-0
152: Hunter Garvin (Iowa) vs. Brendan Howes (Minnesota Gold) TF 11-0
160: Jed Wester (Minnesota Gold) vs. Gabe Carver (Iowa) TF 9-0
170: Nicholas Fox (Iowa) on Travis Smith (Minnesota Gold) Inj 1:20
182: Tate Naaktgeboren (Iowa) vs. Antony Tuttle (Minnesota Gold) December 8-6
195: Wyatt Voelker (Iowa) vs. Soren Herzog (Minnesota Gold) December 6-5
220: Jackson Dewald (Iowa) vs. Max Balow (Minnesota Gold) TF 12-3
285: Elijah Novak (Minnesota Gold) vs. Wyatt Smith (Iowa) TF 8-0
100: Jayden Rinken (Iowa) vs. Lawson Eller (Minnesota Gold) TF 13-3
106: Ryker Graff (Iowa) vs. Michael Olson (Minnesota Gold) TF 10-0

3rd Place Game – California Dec. Oklahoma Red, 50-18
113: Jeremy Oani (California) won by forfeit
120: Isaiah Kainoa Medina (California) against Colden Dyer (Oklahoma Red) TF 8-0
126: Ryan Lobato (California) vs. Jaxon Humphries (Oklahoma Red) TF 8-0
132: Paul Kelly (California) vs. Rhett Peak (Oklahoma Red) Dec. 7-4
138: Johnny Lopez (California) won by forfeit
145: Collin Guffey (California) against Boston Powell (Oklahoma Red) from December 12 to 6
152: Beau Mantanona (California) won by forfeit
160: Erik McCown (California) won by forfeit
170: Lucas Condon (California) won by forfeit
182: Garrett Wells (Oklahoma Red) against Sergio Montoya (California) TF 9-0
195: Carlos Alvarado (Oklahoma Red) vs. Ryland Whitworth (California) TF 8-0
220: Oscar Williams (Oklahoma Red) vs. Nolan Frank (California) December 8-4
285: Hayden Simpson (Oklahoma Red) won by forfeit
100: Nathaniel Granados (California) won by forfeit
106: Ethan Ward (California) won by forfeit

5th Place Game – Florida Dec. Illinois, 37-27
113: Tyler Washburn (Florida) vs. Ethan Spacht (Illinois) TF 8-0
120: Christian Fretwell (Florida) against Anthony Ruzic (Illinois) TF 8-0
126: Gylon Sims (Illinois) vs. Ethan Vugman (Florida) December 11-9
132: Vincent Robinson (Illinois) vs. Anderson Heap (Florida) December 6-3
138: Nasir Bailey (Illinois) against Cooper Haase (Florida) TF 8-0
145: Brennan Van Hoecke (Florida) against Noah Manuel Tapia (Illinois) TF 11-2
152: Braden Stauffenberg (Illinois) against Omer Barak (Florida) TF 12-4
160: Christopher Minto (Florida) against Blake Hinrichsen (Illinois) TF 8-0
170: Bradley Gillum (Illinois) against Roman Garcia (Florida) TF 9-0
182: Franklin Ordonez-Fernandez (Florida) against Matthew Jens (Illinois) TF 13-5
195: Sawyer Bartelt (Florida) against Nick Nosler (Illinois) TF 10-0
220: Ghee Rachal (Illinois) against Chris Greil (Florida) TF 8-0
285: Ethan Vergara (Florida) vs. Jadon Mims (Illinois) TF 9-0
100: Rudy Messner (Florida) won by forfeit
106: Anthony Alanis (Illinois) vs. Derrick Williams (Florida) December 6-5

Game for 7th place – Washington Dec. Wisconsin, 34-33
113: Charles Meudt (Wisconsin) against Nolan Crosby (Washington) TF 8-0
120: Easton Cooper (Wisconsin) vs. Aksel Espeland (Washington) TF 9-1
126: Elijah Cater (Washington) vs. Brett Birchman (Wisconsin) Fall 1:48
132: Rhett Koenig (Wisconsin) vs. Mitchell Neiner (Washington) December 7-1
138: Gunnar Hamre (Wisconsin) vs. Tyler Rhue (Washington) TF 8-0
145: Cael Kahle (Wisconsin) vs. Smokey McClure (Washington) TF 11-0
152: Francisco Ayala (Washington) won by forfeit
160: Thor Michaelson (Washington) vs. Ashton Miess (Wisconsin) December 9-5
170: Zachary Eliszewski (Wisconsin) vs. Lars Michaelson (Washington) December 9-3
182: David Malin (Wisconsin) vs. Trevor Latta (Washington) Fall 3:26
195: Hunter Sonnenberg (Washington) vs. Brady Elvers (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
220: Donald Schmidt (Washington) against Grant Stromberg (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
285: Leighton Jensen (Washington) won by forfeit
100: Tanner Crosby (Washington) against Aidan Gruenenfelder (Wisconsin) Fall 1:33
106: Brayten Casey (Wisconsin) vs. Curtis Carlisle (Washington) Fall 1:22

Bronze/Copper Pool (Locations 9-16):
1st place – Oklahoma Blue
2nd place – Colorado
3rd place – Utah
4th place—Tennessee
5th Place – Kansas Blue
6th place – Texas A
7th place – Nebraska
8th place — Pennsylvania
1st Place Match – Oklahoma Blue Dec. Colorado, 36-33
3rd Place Game – Utah Dec. Tennessee, 43-21
5th Place Game – Kansas Blue Dec. Texas A, 39-28
Game for 7th place – Nebraska Dec. Pennsylvania, 41-27

Red/blue pool:
1st Place — Michigan Blue
2nd Place—Georgia Blue
3rd Place – Minnesota Silver
4th place – Missouri
5th Place – California Gold
6th place — Virginia
7th Place – North Dakota Blue
8th place – Indiana
1st Place Game—Michigan Blue Dec. Georgia Blue, 52-15
3rd Place Game – Minnesota Silver Dec. Missouri, 44-22
5th Place Match – California Gold Dec. Virginia, 35-32
Game for 7th place – North Dakota Blue Dec. Indiana, 39-28

Yellow/green pool:
1st place – Alabama
2nd Place—Texas B
3rd place – North Carolina
4th Place – Kansas Red
5th Place – Michigan Red
6th Place – North Dakota Red
7th place – South Carolina
8th place—Georgia Red
1st Place Match – Alabama Dec. Texas blue, 40-28
3rd Place Game – North Carolina Dec. Kansas Red, 39-22
5th Place Game – Michigan Red Dec. North Dakota Red, 44-15
Game for 7th place – South Carolina Dec. Georgia Red, 36-28

Robert J. King