ISC sacks foreign Greco-Roman coach Temo Kazarashvili for non-performance

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) announced on Friday that it had relieved Georgian wrestling coach Temo Kazarashvili for non-performance as none of the Greco-Roman wrestlers could qualify for the Tokyo Games.

India had hired Kazarashvili in February 2019 to train the country’s Greco-Roman wrestlers at Sonepat national camp until the Olympics.

While four male freestyle wrestlers and as many women made the cut for the Games, but the country could not secure even a single quota in the Greco-Roman style.

“The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has relieved foreign wrestling coach Temo Kazarashvili from his contract after no Indian Greco-Roman wrestlers were granted qualification for the Olympics,” SAI said in a statement.

“The decision was made following a recommendation from the Indian Wrestling Federation. His contract with SAI was from February 2019 until the Olympics,” he added.

Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) assistant secretary Vinod Tomar defended the decision.

“We had hired him specifically for the Olympics but there is no result. His contract was until August of this year, but since there is no national camp, what he would have done now when all the focus is on the Tokyo Games, so we told SAI that their services were not needed,” Tomar told PTI.

Tomar said they would look for new foreign coaches after the Olympics.

WFI had also sacked Iranian Hossein Karimi (freestyle) and American Andrew Cook (women) halfway through their terms, saying it had become difficult to manage their tantrums.

Robert J. King