“I’ve never seen a wrestler with less ability than the Ultimate Warrior” – WWE Hall of Famer makes huge statement

The Ultimate Warrior isn’t just a name in the wrestling industry; it represents a legacy that is etched in the memory of the fans. However, legendary commentator Jim Ross had some harsh words for the WWE Hall of Famer.


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For the uninitiated, Ross is currently working with AEW, but previously he was the voice of WWE‘s Attitude Era.

In an episode of “Dark Side of the Ring” revolving around The Ultimate Warrior, Ross revealed that he didn’t get a good impression of Warrior’s abilities as a wrestler.


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“When The Blade Runners came to UWF, I was the broadcaster. I have never met or seen a wrestler with less ability than The Ultimate Warrior. Hell wig [Jim Hellwig, Warrior’s real name] was very narcissistic. “I look so good, I have a big smile, I have beautiful teeth. What more could a promoter want? Well, I don’t know, maybe you could struggle? “H / t Sportskeeda

Warrior and Sting (Steve Borden) were tag team partners at UWF in March and June 1986.

Even though The Ultimate Warrior made a name for himself, it is strongly believed that he couldn’t separate his real life from his character in the ring.

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Vince McMahon gave his opinion on The Ultimate Warrior

The main WWE man spoke about how The Warrior viewed him as a father. Notably, several Superstars see McMahon as a father figure, but they know the limits.

The Ultimate Warrior believed their relationship reflected a father-son relationship. McMahon disagreed and revealed that he never thought of Warrior as his son.

Other than that, Vince McMahon had to take tough action against The Warrior.


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As it turns out, The Warrior started demanding more pay, and he announced that he wouldn’t be in a match if he didn’t receive the same amount as Hulk Hogan.

McMahon realized it was time to show him who the boss is and cut a passionate promo. In it, he delivered a letter to Warrior and stated that he would never be as good a wrestler as Hulk Hogan in any form. As a result, he suspended Warrior.


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Regardless of everything, WWE inducted The Ultimate Warrior into its Hall of Fame in 2014.

Robert J. King