Kurt Angle says Daniel Bryan is the world’s best technical wrestler

In the last episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist spoke of watching Brock Lesnar during his amateur wrestling days at the University of Minnesota. Angle has always been linked with Lesnar due to their respective careers as an amateur wrestler. The 2017 WWE Hall of Fame said they followed Brock to college and asked him to sign with WWE had Gerald Brisco not already recruited Lesnar.

“I followed Brock to college, I thought he was a dominant heavyweight,” Angle said. “I think he only had two losses in his last year in college and he was really talented. He was one of the most dominant heavyweights in history, he had a great career.

“You don’t know if you can approach the wrestlers, a lot of them are put off by the wrestling. I didn’t approach Brock because I was told Jerry Brisco was approaching him and Jerry would be going to amateur wrestling events and trying to recruit athletes to WWE and he’s the one who has actually brought in Brock.

Speaking of the most technical wrestlers in company history, Angle named Daniel Bryan as the most talented in wrestling today.

“Daniel Bryan without a doubt,” Angle replied, when asked who the more technical wrestler was. “This guy is a technical master. I love his job, I would have liked to have wrestled him. He’s one of the best performers in the ring today and I think of all time. Even though he’s a bit too small, he makes up for it with his work ethic. What he can do in the ring, he’s just amazing.

“AJ Styles is another guy who’s a great tech when he wants to be, does top-notch stuff, just like Daniel Bryan. When it comes to technical soundness, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are the two best [in the world]. “

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