Men are scared, run away because I’m a wrestler – Jennifer Obiora

Some sports are referred to as men’s sports and one of them is professional wrestling. However, Jennifer Obiora, aka Alexandra D Queen, chose sports as a career. Speaking to CHARLES OGUNDIYA in an interview, the Anambra state-born wrestler said she quit her teaching job to focus on her career. Extracts …

How did you get into wrestling as a woman, especially a sport aimed at men?

I was actually looking for a sport to play; I searched for a very long time and almost gave up, but at some point I decided to join kickboxing so that I could change easily. But when I told the kickboxing coach about my passion for wrestling, he introduced me to my coach, Elephando Bassey, and since then it has always been forward for me.

As a woman, how did your parents react to your choice of career?

My mom was already late before I started wrestling, but when I told my dad he agreed because he knew I had always been very passionate about the sport, especially wrestling.

You had a fight against Stylish J recently for the women’s title in Nigeria but it ended in a draw, are you going to say that you are disappointed?

I really wanted to win the fight, because I prepared for it really well, but I agree with the draw because I really did my best and if we hadn’t really fought with the time, maybe I would have won.

Your opponent was a little bigger than you, how do you do with her?

In wrestling, height is not that important. Again, if size is all about then the elephant will be the king of the jungle and not the lion. I have been training for years and am not afraid of anyone.

So how long have you been in pro wrestling?

It will now be four years, more than three years. But I also try to diversify into amateur wrestling in order to participate in the Olympics and others.

Wrestlers like Odunayo Adekuoroye, Blessing Oborududu and others are making waves in amateur wrestling, do you see yourself soon at this level?

Yes very soon, in fact I want to be the first Nigerian professional wrestler to win amateur titles for Nigeria and I am already working towards that. I will be training every day and very soon people will start to hear from me too.

What keeps you going as a wrestler, especially when it comes to sport and injury risk?

It is the love of the game that has helped me keep moving forward, the more I get injured the more I love the game. I love the sport of wrestling so much and want to make a name for myself in it.

So how easy or difficult has it been for you as a professional wrestler?

It wasn’t easy, when I started training I was still working as a teaching assistant at Brain Point Branded School, Ebute Metta, but had to quit my job to focus on my career. It was a difficult decision, but I had to make it then.

How many fights have you been involved in since you started?

I have been in three fights, the one at Teslim Balogun Stadium was the third for me, but I look forward to doing more from now on. My first was at the national stadium, Surulere, and I won it while the second was in Abuja, it was a triple threat match, involving three wrestlers, but it also ended in a draw. So I’m looking forward to more wins in my subsequent fights, I’m still unchallenged for now and want it that way for more time.

How do people in your area perceive you as a wrestler?

People in my area know that I am very calm like an ordinary person on the street; It’s only when I step into the ring that everything changes for me. Although some of them tried to persuade me to stop training by saying it didn’t suit me, I’m not discouraged as I want to move on.

Was there a time when you got into trouble with someone and threatened them as a wrestler?

I’ve had problems with a lot of people, but not to the point of threatening them because I’m a wrestler. I can only use my wrestling technique for self-defense if I find myself in such situations, but without bragging about it.

How do you calm down even when someone annoys you as a wrestler?

I just smile and walk away because I am not allowed to use my technique against ordinary people on the street, so for it to degenerate into something else, I just walk away.

Nigerians are always interested in education, what level of education do you have and how do you plan to improve it?

I intend to continue my studies because at the moment I only have SSCE but I want to move forward which is my project at the moment. By 2022, I will go back to school because I also want to graduate. So for education, I plan it.

You are beautiful, how do you deal with guys who approach you for relationships?

It’s a big problem ; I have been accosted by several men but every time I tell them that I am a wrestler, they are afraid and let me do it. Currently, I want to build my career and I don’t think of any man now.

Who is your role model as a wrestler?

I love Sasha Banks. I also see Naomi as someone I want to be like as a wrestler.


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