New WWE NXT Mafia Fighting Character Identity Revealed

Tony D’Angelo is coming to WWE NXT 2.0 soon.

A new thumbnail released during tonight’s episode to announce the upcoming arrival of D’Angelo’s character. This role is played by former NCAA wrestler Joe Ariola. It looks like his character will be some sort of mafia-related contender with amateur wrestling background.

D’Angelo signed with WWE in the February Performance Center loaded class. He was an undefeated state and National Champion in high school, then competed for the University of Buffalo in college, which was mentioned during his sticker promotion. He qualified for the NCAA tournament in 2016.

The promo featured D’Angelo strolling the wicked streets of Chicago while explaining why he came to the NXT brand – because that’s where the real money is.

“You see, I was born and raised on the streets of Chicago,” D’Angelo said. “And I come from a long line of businessmen. See my family have interests in waste management, fish market, meat market, you name it. But I had success in my own way – amateur wrestling at the University of Buffalo. I was even named All-American for the Greco-Roman style. My family, they made me feel good because let’s face it, there is no real money to be made in amateur wrestling, but you know where the real money is? NXT. “

It’s unclear when D’Angelo will make his official debut, but we’ll keep you posted.

Stay tuned for more on D’Angelo. You can see his first ‘coming soon’ teaser thumbnail below:

Robert J. King