Pro Wrestler Pulls Kevin Holland, Arrests AirPods Thief

Kevin Holland established himself as MMA’s first crime fighter, and now it looks like he has a counterpart in the professional wrestling world.

Originally reported by PWInsider, National Wrestling Alliance star Natalia Markova landed in Tampa after taping for several NWA shows and realized her purse was missing. After confirming with airline staff that they hadn’t accidentally left it on the flight, Markova assumed it must have been stolen.

The Russian wrestler was joined by fellow NWA star Bryan Idol, known in the wrestling world as “Mercurio”. Idol suggested Markova use her iPhone to track the AirPods she left in the purse, which led the pair to a Walmart in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Transaction declined

Their timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as Markova received a notification that someone was trying to use her credit card for a $700 transaction just as they arrived at Walmart.

Heading straight for the checkout area, the wrestlers encountered a man buying a television that they recognized as a passenger on their flight. The individual fled when confronted and left Markova’s credit card at the counter, but Idol was able to chase the thief away and immobilize him.

The man was not in possession of Markova’s purse, as he returned it to the airport after removing credit cards, AirPods and $600 in cash.

Markova chose not to press charges until the stolen items were all returned, and as such the man’s identity was not revealed to the public beyond the video of the confrontation. According to the police report, the individual “apologized for stealing the money and cards and knew it was wrong.”

It’s only been a few weeks since Kevin Holland chased down a thief ahead of his fight at UFC Austin, but it looks like ‘Trailblazer’ needs to get back into action to avoid being ousted from the headlines.

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Robert J. King