Rachel Greenwood learned ‘don’t wrestle the wrestler’ in last fight, predicts different outcome at Maverick 19

Canadian amateur mixed martial artist Rachel Greenwood (0-1) will enter enemy territory she encounters in New Jersey Marissa Vanglahn (4-5) to MMA Maverick 19 on Saturday, May 21.

Greenwood, 28, will travel to Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pa., from Ontario to meet Maverick MMA fan favorite Vanghlahn, who returns to the heptagon for the fourth time this weekend.

“I’ll go wherever they give me a fight,” Greenwood told MyMMANews. “If they give me Pennsylvania, I’m going to Pennsylvania.”

Greenwood has only one amateur fight under his belt, a unanimous decision loss to Willow Morton at the 247 Fighting Championships in Pittsburgh earlier this year.

“I was the one that was more aggressive and moving forward,” Greenwood said of her last fight. “I landed a lot more punches, but she had better wrestling than me. I learned, ‘don’t fight the wrestler.’

While she may not have much cage time under her belt, Greenwood has been working for some time.

“I started out as a boxer,” Greenwood said. “My boxing trainer moved and I had to find a new gym and that’s when I walked into a Muay Thai gym. Then I came across someone who was training MMA and they told me knocked me down and I was like ‘ok now I have to learn this’ It’s kind of like I’ve been on this journey where I wanted to be a boxer but different people have taught me things along the way I had someone who knew karate show me karate and I thought, “this is useful. I want to learn that.”

When the global coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, Greenwood took a chance. She quit her job teaching children with special needs, so she could focus more on her craft in combat sports.

“For me, it’s about learning as much as possible, training as much as possible and progressing.”

Standing on his way this weekend, with much more experience inside the cage, is Vanglahn.

“She’s got a lot more experience than me,” Greenwood said. “She is fierce. I watched some of his fights. I see a hard hitter, a go-getter. She is aggressive, advances. I expect a lot of aggression and a tough fight. I don’t expect it to be easy.

“I want to give a good technical and aggressive fight. I don’t want to get lost in aggression. I want to stay technical. A lot of people think of me as a striker because I’ve been on strike for so many years, but I think of myself as a mixed martial artist. I hope to show everything I learned.

Robert J. King