Raeisi congratulates the championship of Greco-Roman wrestlers of Iran

In a message congratulating the Iranian Youth Greco-Roman Wrestling Team’s championship at the World Championships in Bulgaria, Ebrahim Raeisi said: “The first victory of the world champion position was a hopeful memory. and durable for sportsmen and heroes. people of Iran. This proud superiority, along with the National Youth Freestyle Wrestling Team Championship, is a symbol of a proud and capable nation striding towards victory and success.”

“I congratulate each of the brave champions of the National Youth Greco-Roman Wrestling Team and their hardworking coaches and all the people of Islamic Iran and hope that with the hard work and determination of all the talented young of Islam country, we will continue to see the success of our country’s athletes in other fields and sports fields,” he added.

Iran’s freestyle wrestling team were crowned champions at the 2022 World Junior Wrestling Championships (U20) which took place in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, from August 15-17.

The Iranian team won three gold, one silver and four bronze medals while achieving 159 team scores. The three gold medals were won by Sobhan Yari in 79 kg, Amirhossein Firouzpour in 92 kg and Amir Reza Ma’soumi in 125 kg. Armin Habibzadeh won silver in 61 kg. The bronzes were won by Ahmad Mohammadnezhad in 57 kg, Hossein Mohammad Aghaie in 70 kg, Aref Ranjbari in 86 kg and Amirali Azarpira in 97 kg.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf also, in a message to Iranian athletes at the Sofia 2022 World Wrestling Championship, congratulated their first crowning as world champions.


Robert J. King