Ridgefield wrestler, 60, determined to win national title

Ridgefield’s Mark Dollins had a dream. Despite being 60, having had a spinal fusion and two full knee replacements, Dollins was aiming for his third national wrestling title.

Dollins participated in United States Folk Style Wrestling Championships and Won the title, so let’s give it up for Ridgefield resident Mark Dollins! I reached out to Mark to ask him what it was like to win another national title, especially after coming back from his injuries. This is what he told me:

It was a great tournament and it was worth preparing for. I consider it an honor to be there even at my age. It was a motivation to go back and improve, to work harder and get higher. Mission accomplished 15 years later with this third championship. I hope to compete in Las Vegas next spring in both Olympic styles: Freestyle and Greco-Roman. Thanks again for your interest and support. We would like to come back to this sport more at the masters level. We are currently starting a GPS Wrestling Masters Club in Armonk NY where I train and train. Thanks again!

Dollins has always been a guy who never said anything, even when his medical issues bothered him. He enthusiastically persevered during his rehab training sessions and now all that hard work has paid off with his third national wrestling title! I contacted Mark Dollins

To reduce inflammation, improve body composition, and increase the body’s natural healing abilities, Dollins took advantage of HealthX’s Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber, the only one in the Northeast that involves stepping into a follow-up infrared sauna. of a cold dive. Never say, “Excuse me, but the water is too cold”. I have no idea what it is, but it looks scary as hell!

After working with Christian Oropeza of EHP Fit for the past two years, Mark Dollins has reaped the rewards for his intense workouts and “never say never” attitude. From all of us here at I-95, mega CONGRATULATIONS !!

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