Sajan Bhanwal – Greco-Roman wrestler wins gold for India

Sajan Bhanwal, known as India’s Greco-Roman wrestler, won his first gold medal on Monday. His successful performance in the final of this 77kg Greco-Roman was the most enjoyable part for the hosts on the opening day of the Asian Junior Wrestling Championship. India’s top Greco-Roman wrestler in all weight groups has been the Junior National Champion for four long years. He’s been bagged with awards at Asian Championships and World Championships. He had a reputation he lived up to and had kept it constant as he dominated rivals Tajikistan, South Korea and Iran. A bleeding cut to his left eye which the player ignored, Sajan didn’t give up only one point out of his three fighting.

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Greco-Roman Wrestler – Sajan Bhanwal

In Haryana’s wrestling villages, local dangals support the funding, and grapplers opt for the freestyle version to make a quick buck and frequently switch to Greco-Roman at their coach’s insistence or after failing. to make a mark on the first. Due to his athletic skills, he had reached school, and the general outlook was that if he wanted to get into wrestling, freestyle was probably a better career choice.

The thing that attracted him to Greco-Roman wrestling six years ago when he first went to see a wrestling training session at Pratap Sports School in Kharkhoda.

Greco-Roman Wrestler - Sajan Bhanwal
Greco-Roman Wrestler – Sajan Bhanwal

When he became the first Indian Greco-Roman wrestler in 16 years to win a World Junior Championships medal (bronze), he proved anyone who doubted him wrong. He beat Turkish Ali Erbay in the 74 kg category in Tampere, Finland. Only four Indians have managed to acquire a Junior World Championship trophy in Greco-Roman wrestling, with Mukesh Khatri winning the last bronze in 2001. Pappu Yadav is the only wrestler to win gold, in 1992.

The Greco-Roman wrestler won bronze at the Asian Junior Championships in Chinese Taipei in June and didn’t lose confidence even after losing to Akzhol Makhmudov in Junior World Championship finish on the podium thanks to the repechage.

Greco-Roman Wrestler - Sajan Bhanwal
Greco-Roman Wrestler – Sajan Bhanwal

“It’s a great feeling to win the gold medal in front of the home crowd. Everyone in the family had been waiting for him for a long time. They always asked me when I will stop winning bronze medals and finally get gold. With so many close friends and my coach Rajveer Chikkara in the stands, it was a great day for me. So many people are congratulating me and my dad,” the 20-year-old wrestler said.

“I was never really interested in studying, so my father decided to send me to Pratap school. It changed my life. I didn’t like studying. Once in Kharkhoda, I focused on freestyle for six months. I realized that I wasn’t good at freestyle either. So I switched to Greco-Roman and fortunes changed. My father used to ask his friends and people in the village for money so that I could concentrate on wrestling. It all ends today,” he said.

The gold medal wasn’t the only good news for Sajan. Following his incredible run in Asian competition, he is now set to join the Indian Air Force. The road to the gold medal was not easy for Sajan. His father Mahipal, a farmer from Kasandi village in Sonipat, did not have the financial resources to support the family wrestling star. And that is why Mahipal asked his son to give up teachers and combine the Pratap school in Kharkhoda. Even though it is known as a college, the Kharkhoda facility is primarily a wrestling academy.

Indian coach Naresh Kumar reported that Sajan had strong Greco-Roman foundations. “During age bracket wrestling in India, we don’t focus much on the position and base of a Greco-Roman wrestler. But Sajan has a great position which helps him get a stable position on the mat Iranian wrestlers also have a great position, but Sajan matched them today,” Naresh says. Besides Sajan, no other Indian wrestler could have matched Iranian wrestlers in the last fight. They had one wrestler in each of the five finals contested.At 55kg, Vijay lost to Pouya Mohammad Naserpour 0-8 while Aryan Panwar suffered a heartbreaking defeat in the 130kg final to Amin Mohammadzaman Mirzazadeh 1-2.

“I was desperate to win this medal. I had planned this final and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Iranian wrestlers are good but I had beaten Iranian wrestlers before so I was confident. I had planned not to give points earlier. I knew he would make a mistake, so I waited and found a counter,” he said.

Sajan Bhanwal has shown a lot of love towards his passion, we congratulate him on this opportunity to win gold for India and wish him good luck for his upcoming and future events.

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Robert J. King