Smith wins Greco-Roman gold as US wins three medals at Slaven, Halfen, Weinberg and Gottfruend memorial in Israel

Pat Smith (USA) receives the gold medal at the Slaven, Halfen, Weinberg & Gottfruend Memorial in Israel. Photo courtesy of Mike Houck

BEER SHEVA, Israel — Three-time United States World Senior Team member Pat Smith (Minnesapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm) won a gold medal, one of three U.S. medals won in the first day of Slaven, Halfen, Weinberg & Gottfruend Memorial on Thursday.

This tournament is held in commemoration of the deceased Israeli athletes from the 1972 Munich Olympics, which took place 50 years ago, and is named in honor of the four wrestling victims of the Munich massacre: Yossef Gutfreund (referee) , Moshe Weinberg (coach) and wrestling athletes Eliezer Halfin and Mark Slavin.

Smith won both of his fights in round robin competition, with a pair of technical falls 8-0, beating Niko Nikladze of Israel and Aziz Boualem of Morocco.

Two American athletes also won bronze medals in their round robin weight classes, Reggie Lowery (60kg) and Drake Tipton (87kg). The United States finished third in the standings with their three appearances.

The second day of the tournament will take place on Friday August 26 and will include the men’s freestyle competition.

The week also runs an informal training camp program for young athletes. This will include young American wrestlers from Hope Academy and Beat the Streets Chicago, as well as Beat the Streets Cleveland. Emphasis is placed on establishing links between the athletes of the nations concerned.

in Beer Sheva, Israel, on August 25

60 kilograms
Gold – Melkamu Fetene (Israel)
Silver – Ismail Ettalibi (Morocco)
Bronze – Reggie Lowery (USA)

63 kilograms
Gold – Abere Fetene (Israel)
Silver – Fouad Ajari (Morocco)

67 kilograms
Gold – Shon Nadorgin (Israel)
Silver – Bilal El Bahja (Morocco)

Gold – Shay El Masandilov (Israel)

77 kilograms
Gold – Pat Smith (USA)
Silver – Aziz Boulem (Morocco)
Bronze – Niko Nikoladze (Israel)

82 kilograms
Gold – Erik Loser (Germany)
Silver – David Zhytomyrsky (Israel)
Bronze – Vasyl Iurkivsky (Israel)

87 kilograms
Gold – Saad Amandar (Morocco)
Silver – Radik Rakmatulin (Israel)
Bronze – Drake Tipton (USA)

97 kilograms
Gold – Anton Vieweg (Germany)
Silver – Assad Oussama (Morocco)
Bronze – David Labkovsky (Israel)
4th – Artur Urtaev (Israel)

130 kilograms
Gold – Lior Altshuler (Israel)
Silver – Anas Lamkabber (Morocco)

American performances

60kg – Reggie Lowery
DEFEAT Melkamu Fetene (Israel), 8-0
DEFEAT Ismael Ettalibi (Morocco), 8-0

77kg – Pat Smith, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Minnesota Storm)
VICTORY Niko Nikladze (Israel), 8-0
VICTORY Aziz Boualem (Morocco), 8-0

87 kg – Drake Tipton, Grain Valley, Mo.
DEFEAT Saad Amandar (Morocco), 8-1
DEFEAT Radik Rakmatulin (Israel), 10-1

Ranking of the Greco-Roman team
1. Israel, 195
2. Morocco, 145
3. USA, 55
4. Germany, 50

Robert J. King