The Indian poster of the Greco-Roman wrestling, Sunil Kumar enters the world top 4

Over the years India has struggled to produce a good group of Greco-Roman wrestlers. Freestyle wrestling has always seen impressive results, but Greco-Roman wrestling has never been one of the strongest regions in India. But finally, after years of waiting, we have a wrestler who is now one of the best in the world; Sunil Kumar entered the top 4 of the world ranking.

It won’t be wrong to say that he is the most improved wrestler in the last 10 months and the current ranking is there to prove it.

Kumar is the only Indian to place in the top four at 87 kg in the United World Wrestlings rankings. At the start of the year he was ranked 33rd in the world and jumped from 29th to now place at number 4. This came after winning gold at the Asian Championships and silver at the Rome Ranking. Series.

He has yet to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, but given the form and the standings, he could start soon when events start again. A higher ranking will also mean he will be one of the seeds, which will keep tougher opponents at bay. If he succeeds, he will be India’s greatest hope for a medal in Greco-Roman.

“Asian qualifiers are easier than global qualifiers. There are more wrestlers in the worlds, which makes the competition more difficult ”, he said speaking to Wrestling TV.

Sunil will need to finish in the top two in the 87 kg category to confirm India a berth at the Olympics. United World Wrestling (UWW) has yet to announce new qualifying dates.

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Robert J. King