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It took a while but ultimately 2021 unveiled a competitive schedule that looked like something close to what 19 offered. The last event featuring an American athlete before the end of the year was in November, when Randon Miranda (60 kg, Rise RTC) won gold in Egypt. By that time – and counting all officially sanctioned competitions, including domestic tryout opportunities – American wrestlers across five age groups had appeared in 22 combined tournaments. For comparison, this number in 20 was limited to a dozen bakers.

Therefore, the data from which to derive a declaring list USA’s 10 best Greco-Roman matches of 2021 is certainly more important than it was a year ago. But a wrinkle exists, and it concerns the criteria of such an enterprise.

Selection criteria

  • Excitement / adrenaline.
  • Perceived importance of the athlete, the event, or both.
  • Match videos are not obstructed by a paywall, or any other means, and can therefore be viewed by the public.

Matches are selected through many channels, with the second criteria listed perhaps being a critical factor. “Perceived Importance” is meant to suggest that a tournament is one of recognized esteem, such as at a world-class selection process event or competition. While the phrasing is admittedly malleable (as a defining moment can occur during any round of any tournament in the eyes of contestants and their coaches), it is widely understood among the large wrestling community. which meets and does not meet this criterion.

The third item in the above list is the most important, as it automatically disqualifies the vast majority of bouts in the Tokyo Olympics as well as US Olympic Team Trials. While several matches of the two events can be found online (and many more for those who boast of the technical acumen to uncover relative diamonds in digital rough), doing so would seem like a major downside to, at the very least. the occasional end user. And if a match is not easily consumable for the public, it is not eligible. A simple policy.

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Continuing out of sequence is # 1, “excitement / adrenaline”. Matches featuring great executions, thrilling maneuvers, and wild point exchanges fit that description; The same goes for fights in which points are scarce. The way a match was played between athletes is often as memorable as the result.

Top 10 Greek USA games of 2021

10. Joe Rau beat. Fillip Smetko (CRO) via Fall
Zagreb Grand Prix Open, 01/16/21 – round of 16

Zero suspense and short duration – but noticeable if only because of the conviction displayed. Rau’s initial score came from a body attack, and Smetko’s attempt at a counter throw actually helped collect points. A reset later, Rau ended the brief affair with a headache before manual. Well worth a re-watch if it hasn’t already been seen.

9. Peyton Walsh (Marines) defeated. Alec Ortiz (Minnesota Storm) 14-9
World Team Trials, 11/09/21 – Consolation Semi-Final

The scoring in this one was actually topped off midway through the second period – but there’s more than enough scoring and response before the jockey to keep even the most hardcore fan entertained. This match probably also represents Walsh’s last senior victory, as the naval officer was one of the unfortunate victims of this branch of service’s decision to effectively slash the program.

8. Jim Mullen beat. Lyova Sargsyan (ARM) via Fall
Cadet World Championships, 07/25/21 – Draft

It’s one thing for a young athlete to make a comeback. It’s a whole different thing when they’re literally on the verge of defeat at a world event. Mullen was Close in a technological loss to Armenian Sargsyan at the World Cadet (or U17) Championships until he embellished a key and came out victorious in a dramatic fashion.

7. Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm) defeated. Benji Peak (Sunkist / NTS) 3-3
World Team Trials, 11/9/21 – Game 1 of the Final Series

The match alone caught the attention, which Greco still needs. That Smith / Peak lived up to the hype was all the more encouraging. Peak emptied the tank against Smith – a requirement – and the second half is full of compelling moments that brought out the better of both contenders.

6. Cory Land def. Adam Silverin (SWE) 9-6
Cadet World Championships, 07/23/21 – Quarter-final

Land guaranteed the United States would be in a position to win a medal at the Cadet World Championships with the triumph, but that’s not why they made the cup. Land erased an early deficit by staying focused on goal when the opportunity presented itself. What you get here is a wrestler who operates with extreme confidence and a willingness to go with what works.

5. Britton Holmes (Army / WCAP) def. Ryan Epps (Minnesota Storm) 4-2
Last Chance Olympic Trials Qualification, 03/26/21 – Consolation Semi-Final

A cerebral slugfest. Tied in almost every area except one which would be Holmes’ experience advantage. The two look oddly alike otherwise and it was their first meeting as bona fide seniors. Tension permeates throughout the contest, and their six minutes together starting in March shows why optimism surrounds the next generation of Team USA.

4. Nick Boykin (Sunkist) defeated. JD Souza (Army / WCAP) via the fall
US Nationals, 04/30/21 – Final

Souza came out trying to throw bombs, and he did indeed connect, punctuated by a magnificent four-point throw that gave a 7-0 lead. But the games are only stopped after an eight-point gap. Souza returned to the well again to find that the rope was gone.

3. Braxton Amos (Sunkist / Wisconsin RTC) defeated. Arkyt Orozbekov (KGZ) 8-0, TF
World Junior Championships, 08/22/21 – Bronze Round

The World Junior Championship tournament for the United States team had been very successful in recent years. Several medalists since ’16 and so on. Without Amos’ effort in Ufa, the medal streak would have been completely undone. The West Virginia native’s bronze, however, meant more than that. He demonstrated the value of unfailing competitiveness. While it is true that Amos was at a different athletic level than Orozbekov, this is not the only reason for the result. Amos never stopped attacking. And couldn’t be stopped from doing it.

2. Dominic Damon (NMU / NTS) defeated. Payton Jacobson (NYAC / NTS) 5-2
World Junior Team Trials, 04/30/21 – Game 3 of the Final Series

Stuff on the edge of the seat from start to finish. All three fights in the series take you by the neck, although there is nothing quite like the third game in a series, especially when it features two of the most talented and promising athletes in the world. country.

1. G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist) defeated. Peter Oehler (GERMANY)
World Championships, 09/10 – Bronze Round

Check all the boxes. Hancock’s World bronze-clincher brings some adrenaline rush, that was absolutely important, and anyone can watch and replay as much as they want. A win method is not described next to the header because “VIN” fails to capture what actually happened. It is unfortunate that Oehler suffered a terrible injury which was the cause of the official decision. But injury or not, Hancock was on track to clinch victory – arguably the country’s most important medal in some time, too.

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