USA Wrestling Creates New General Manager Position, Greco-Roman Program, to Transform the Sport; applications are now being accepted

In an effort to transform Greco-Roman wrestling in the United States at every level, from the youth development pipeline to performance at the Olympic and world level, USA Wrestling has created a new full-time professional staff position: General Manager , Greco-Roman wrestling programs.

The pursuit of excellence in Greco-Roman in the United States presents unique challenges that are not a factor in either men’s or women’s freestyle programs. There are no school and college systems in place for this specialized style, nor the extensive club system found in the prosperous Greco-Roman nations of Europe or Asia. Folkstyle remains the fundamental style of wrestling in the United States, resembling freestyle much more than Greco-Roman.

The United States have proud achievements in international Greco-Roman, headlining the 2007 Senior World Tag Team title won in Baku, Azerbaijan. In total, the American team has won 15 Olympic medals in Greco-Roman wrestling, including three Olympic champions. At the World Championships, the American team collected 33 world medals, including five world champions. However, the last Greco-Roman Olympic medal came in the 2008 Olympics and the last senior world champion in 2006. Since 2009, which spans just over three Olympic quadrenniums, the United States has no medals Olympics and only five world medals.

The successful candidate for this new position will need the skills and experience to change the course of the program, requiring creativity, vision, focused leadership and management abilities. This new employee will have the opportunity to evaluate all facets of the American Greco-Roman program. In this new role, the General Manager will create the strategic direction for the sport and be empowered to reinvent the way USA Wrestling manages its development and high performance efforts.

USA Wrestling’s current national professional Greco-Roman coaching staff, as well as the existing structure of the Greco-Roman program, will remain intact for the time being. It will become the CEO’s job to determine all aspects of the program going forward, which may include changes if deemed necessary for success.

USA Wrestling is committed to achieving success at the highest level in Greco-Roman, which is why it has created this new position as a focused resource specific to its Greco-Roman program. Sustained competitive excellence is a core business goal at USA Wrestling, and the General Manager of the Greco-Roman Program will be responsible for creating the environment for that to happen.


Robert J. King