WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh in trouble after slapping wrestler in Ranchi-Sports News, Firstpost

The incident happened on the closing day of the U-15 National Championships, with the wrestler in question having been disqualified for age fraud.

File image of Indian Wrestling Federation chairman and Bharatiya Janata Brijbhushan party member Sharan Singh. Image credit: Twitter/@BajrangPunia

New Delhi: Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh courted controversy at the National Under-15 Championships in Ranchi when he slapped a grappler, who insisted on taking part in the tournament after he was disqualified for being too old.

The incident happened on the closing day of the tournament on Friday when the disqualified wrestler from Uttar Pradesh went to the dias and started misbehaving with the chairman, who lost his temper at the after a while.

Interestingly, the wrestler trains at the academy that belongs to the WFI president in Gonda.

“The wrestler wanted a favor from the president to be allowed to compete since he was from UP and also from his center, but the president wants to eradicate age-related corruption at the local level, so he doesn’t didn’t let him compete.” WFI deputy secretary Vinod Tomar told PTI.

“The federation is now very strict and determined to ensure that only wrestlers of legal age participate in national age group championships. We actually disqualified 60 to 70 older wrestlers from competition and he was the one of them.

“After he started misbehaving with the president, he lost his temper and slapped him,” he said.

The WFI has been running National Under-15 Championships since 2018 and age fraud has long been a major issue in the sport.

“If the president had allowed this boy, it would have given the wrong message that an UP wrestler was favored. We will not allow age fraud. This boy was also harassing me but I remained patient but the president lost his blood -cold after he started misbehaving on stage with guests watching,” he added.

Robert J. King