Who is Von Wagner? All about the American professional wrestler


Today we are going to talk about an American professional wrestler whose name is Cal Bloom, aka Von Wagner. He is WWE’s second generation athlete. Wayne bloom was a well-known professional wrestler. Cal Bloom is Wayne Bloom’s son, and that’s one of the main reasons Cal Bloom came to be known as Von Wagner! Cal’s social life is very low key. Almost no one knows of the existence of this NXT wrestler. He has a Twitter counts, but it has just over a thousand followers. People know more about Cal Bloom and less about Von Wagner. The reason behind this is that Cal recently took on this name in 2021. It sounds more like his ‘ring name’. Like all other famous WWE Superstars, he took a chance on Von Wagner! Ring names mean a lot when it comes to WWE. Let’s talk about it!

WWE is money, fame, name, all at the same time (Lenka!). To get this, you don’t need to break a person’s ribs! You just have to play smart. All the greatest wrestlers in this entertainment industry have entertained us for several years. Complaining that this is wrong would be lame because they are risking their lives for us. They even hurt each other several times, although the injury was never in the script. The entrepreneur jumping up the ladder at the age of fifty and having millions of fans watching him was nothing short of phenomenal. When the dead was beaten by the “Beast” Brock Lesnar, millions cried that day! Thinking about it all, Cal started his WWE career this year as Von Wagner. This is not the start for him, but you should never give up hope!

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Von Wagner

Who is Von Wagner?

Cal Bloom is an American professional wrestler who works in Global wrestling entertainment (WWE). He signed with the NXT and is under the ring name of Von Wagner. Cal was born in Osseo, Minnesota. He was born in 1994. Osseo High School is the school from which he graduated in 2012. From that year Cal began his football career. He started playing for the University of Central Florida. Bloom played for the UCF Knights. His football career spanned four years (2012-2016). Cal has an athletic body like his father. He inherited the musculature Wayne bloom and followed in his footsteps. Von Wagner was not born until 2021. But his dream of becoming a wrestler had been there since he was a child. Wayne Bloom was a successful wrestler and Cal always wanted to become like his father.

Wrestling career:

Von Wagner was Cal Bloom until 2021. Cal is a second generation wrestler. His father, Wayne Bloom, was well known in the ranks of the World Wrestling Federation. WWF came before WWE. WWF is made up of legends. As- The Undertaker, Stone Cold, John Cena, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Triple H, and much more! Wayne Bloom fought in the early 1980s. His father trained him before he could make his ring debut. Cal started his wrestling career in 2019. He was recruited with Stokely Hathaway and Robert Strauss. He began his training in the WWE training facility. Cal made his WWE debut in a tag team match against Riddick Moss and Dan Matha. Unfortunately, he lost this match. Cal Bloom rose to fame after being destroyed by Sheamus. He was no match for Sheamus. He was also defeated by R-Truth.

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Von Wagner

NXT career:

Bloom fought another match in the WWE ring. It was another team versus team game 3.0. He lost that too. Cal Bloom failed to make a name for himself in the WWE Universe like his father. Fighting in WWE for an amateur is like playing soccer without any prior training! Cal realized he had to take it down a notch. He signed up with WWE NXT. From that day on he changed his ring name from Cal Bloom to Von Wagner! He has yet to achieve as much fame as he could have hoped for. But he’s doing a lot better than before in NXT as Von Wagner makes a name for himself. Once he rose to fame, he would be promoted to WWE Raw or Smackdown. Then his career will flourish!

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