Wrestler Satender Malik points finger at prez WFI : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Vinayak Padmadeo

New Delhi, May 18

A day after being banned for assaulting a referee, wrestler Satender Malik claimed that two of the referees involved in the brawl – Satyadev Malik and Jagbir Singh – conspired to end his career.

Armed with a video that allegedly shows Jagbir slapping him first, sparking the melee, the grappler pointed the finger at Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for the decision. ‘to prohibit. The video has been circulating on social media since Tuesday evening.

Malik was leading 3-0 when a takedown move was attempted by Mohit Grewal in which the latter also attempted a push-out. Initially, the referee, Virender Malik, only awarded Grewal one point for the push-out and the score was 3-1. The decision was challenged by Grewal’s coach after which Satyadev Malik recused himself, saying he shouldn’t decide on this appeal as he and Satender Malik belong to the same village.

Jagbir was then called in to review the video replay. After spending minutes on the video reference, Jagbir gave Grewal two extra points which made him the winner of the criteria contest to score the final point.

“It’s a plot against me,” Malik told The Tribune on Wednesday. “I challenge them to have the review done by UWW (international federation) or any neutral referee. It will always be called as a point. Former General Secretary Raj Singh instigated it all.” “I have been a wrestler since over 10 years and i have never seen anything like it How can a jury of appeal be changed for a review Jagbir didn’t see my fight for a second Netaji ( Brij Bhushan ) changed the jury and asked to review the review. Jagbir was informed of the decision to be made. Everyone agreed against me, and my four-year training crumbled, “said the junior warrant officer of the ‘Air Force.

Malik doesn’t regret losing his temper, but he admits his life as an amateur wrestler is over. “There is a video where everyone can see that Jagbir hit me first. I was wronged. All I did was approach him and say ‘what a you gained from my defeat,’” he said.

Robert J. King