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Dominick Aoun won the very first jiu-jitsu competition he participated in.

The 12-year-old from Bordeaux dominates the wrestling scene, but after a calm lockdown he decided to participate in the South African ADCC Great Northern Challenge, a tournament organized by the Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling Association of South Africa in Paulshof on the 15th and May 16.

Dominick entered for the U11 – U14 age group and under 40 kg.

Fadi and Dominick Aoun with Professor Yron Kairon dos Santos can boast of their gold medal. Photo: Supplied

His first match was against Bhubesi Kruger, who has been selected to be part of the South African amateur MMA squad for 2021.

Dominck pulled off a magnificent seoi nagi (shoulder throw) drop that led to a back catch and a very tight armband, securing submission and beating his opponent in just 23 seconds.

A few matches later, Dominick was in the final against Arno Carstens. As the referee marked the start, the athletes were intertwined. Dominick landing a hip throw straight into the mounting position which then turned into an attempt to knock down Arno. However, Dominick had already started to put a triangle from the low position.

Coach Storm Conrad, Dominick Aoun and Professor Yron Kairon dos Santos can celebrate a gold medal at Dominick’s first-ever jiu-jitsu competition. Photo: Supplied

It ended in a withdrawal within 45 seconds of the game and Dominick won gold.

Dominick had trained twice a day with his father, Fadi Aoun, before school and had high intensity private sessions with trainer Storm Conrad.

Dominick Aoun wins gold in his very first jiu-jitsu tournament. Photo: Supplied

The sky is the limit for the young pistol as competitions abroad may be in preparation for the young Brazilian jiu-jitisu practitioner.

Dominick recently joined the Gracie Barra Illovo (GBI) competitive team, under the leadership of Professor Yron Kairon dos Santos, Coach Storm Conrad and Coach James Gemmell. Dominick has only been training jiu-jitsu for a month under GBI but is undefeated.

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