Wrestler’s “Burning Crotch” failure left him with nasty burns [VIDEO]

Wrestler’s “Burning Crotch” failure left him with nasty burns [VIDEO]

I will take “dumbest wrestling stunts ever“for $ 800, Alex.

Wrestlers are tasked with entertaining a crowd at pretty insane costs to their bodies. The double broken leg ring jump left an amateur unable to walk. Many other stunts have gone horribly wrong, even at WWE level.

But a professional wrestler in Indiana has gone viral for what has to be one of the dumbest and least thoughtful stunts in recent memory.

Wrestler’s “Burning Crotch” Stunt Goes Wrong

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It was JJ Allin, a professional wrestler who brought new meaning to the game with the hanging fire, which was ignited during a stunt at the Southern Sickness Memorial Cup in Connersville, Indiana.

He said he had performed this act “a dozen times” and never had a problem before the Pro Wrestling Trainwreck event.

When fellow wrestler Eric Ryan set Allin’s crotch on fire, it was obvious something was wrong with the stunt. Ryan tried (unsuccessfully) to extinguish the flames using a grass trimmer. Allin frantically took off his pants in a last ditch effort to save his crown jewels.

Allin looked like Marvel’s “The Human Torch” as he ran around the room in a pandemonium. One fan even appeared to be trying to put out the fire using a single can of beer. It didn’t work, of course.

Allin walked away with second degree burns from the stunt, which he was satisfied with. However, he didn’t feel his legs.

“Everyone loves everyone who attended the event tonight. I have done this place a dozen times successfully and had no problems. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned. Promoting the event was nothing but class acts all the time, and should not be blamed in any way. I have been a professional stuntman for over 15 years, I know the risk in what I do and accept the consequences. I have two second degree burns on my legs. I was lucky, and will take this stunt off for good. The biggest problem was that my water team was not where I needed it. Clear and simple “, he said wrote on Facebook.

The clip for the stunt was posted on social media, where it has been viewed over a million times. Allin same received $ 3,500 from a company for licensing purposes, which can hopefully cover possible hospital bills.

“Pretty happy with that, I would rather be able to feel my legs,” he wrote on Facebook.

Either way, JJ Allin almost certainly caught someone’s attention in WWE. Maybe we’ll see him at WrestlingMania in a few years if he continues to add to his climax reel.

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