WWE-inspired Larne wrestler in hopes of putting town on the map

Jordan Mills (31), who performs as “Jordy Boy, the Boy from Larne Rock City”, will step into the ring this Sunday, August 29 for a show at the Connswater Community Center.

The event in east Belfast will see Titanic Wrestling competitors return to action as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

The man from East Antrim will compete for the Titanic Championship.

Jordy Boy, the boy from Larne Rock City! (Photo provided).

Commenting on what inspired him to become a wrestler and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on his career, the former student of Larne Grammar said: “I have been involved in professional wrestling since 2018. I started to m ‘train with a school called Uprising, which subsequently folded a few months after I joined. I then joined Titanic Wrestling in May 2019 and haven’t looked back – I’ve been there since day one.

“I made my debut with Titanic Wrestling in August 2019 on their very first show. I was in the very first game and proudly am the very first recorded victory in Titanic. As of November of that year, I hit 11 shows in three months, then unfortunately the Covid-19 hit! To be honest, that ended my career. I was on a roll with a big series of shows until February 2020, then boom, Covid has stopped everything.

“I’ve only played in Northern Ireland so far, but my main focus is to travel and do shows in Japan and America.

“I grew up being a wrestling fan. I remember seeing Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog wrestling while walking through the chains behind my nanny Shiela’s back around 1997, then moving fast three years later, Jeff Hardy hitting a Swanton bomb on a balcony at Bubba Ray Dudley at the Royal Rumble 2000 on Channel 4 changed my life, I knew from then on that was what I wanted to do.

Detailing how the injuries he suffered have helped motivate him and how he enjoys the challenge of being paired with bigger competitors, Jordan added: Ankles on several occasions.

“It’s not for the faint of heart. You hurt yourself all the time in wrestling and what separates us from other athletes is that we don’t stop. I’m 5’8 “and around 160lbs. Honestly, I welcome being put in the ring with someone much taller than me because I’m stronger than me and rightfully one of, if not the wrestler. the fastest in the country!

The man from East Antrim wants to dispel any misconceptions about wrestling and says “it’s not just fake punches”, adding: “I can train up to 10 hours a week just to wrestling, then I lift weights on a day off.

“Wrestling training is heavily based on cardio training and you also need a bit of strength to keep your opponents on the ground and get that important victory!

“I am careful what I eat, but this is by no means a special diet. It’s high in protein, high in carbohydrates, full of veggies and lots of water, up to three liters per day.

The former Olderfleet Primary School student hopes sharing her story will help encourage all other young people in the Larne community to get involved in the fight if it’s something they want to do.

He explained, “If this is a serious passion, then follow your heart and go for it. It’s the most fulfilling thing in my life and the people you meet will shape you.

“Find a school with a good reputation, with great, experienced trainers and give it a go. Give it your all and spend all your free time thinking about it! “

Tickets for Sunday’s ‘Slamdemic’ event, priced at £ 8.50, are still available at Eventbrite.

For more information, see the Titanic Wrestling Belfast Facebook page.

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