Youth Olympic Games 2022: Greco-Roman gives way to wrestling on the beach

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) at a board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, decided to exclude Greco-Roman wrestling from the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Senegal. Beach wrestling for the first time was included as a third discipline alongside freestyle wrestling and women’s wrestling.

The freestyle and girls disciplines will both remain in the competition, and will be contested in five weight categories. Each weight category will have a maximum of 10 players with a total number for freestyle wrestling that will not increase by 100 in total. The newly included beach wrestling will be played over 4 weight categories for boys and girls with an upper limit of 10 players for each category and 80 players in total. A total of 180 wrestlers will take part in the 2022 Youth Olympic Games.

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The inaugural edition of the Youth Olympic Games in 2010 has 90 wrestlers competing – 9 wrestlers each in five weight categories each in the Freestyle and Greco-Roman competitions. There were 28 wrestlers – 7 each in 4 weight classes. The second edition in Nanjing in 2014 had narrowed the gender gap between male and female players with 80 male players (8 players each in 5 categories both freestyle and Greco-Roman) and 32 female players – 8 each in four weight categories.

At the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, in accordance with IOC instructions on gender equality, the gap narrowed further with the 60 men (6 players each in 2 styles and 5 weight categories) and 50 women (5 categories and 10 players) as it was a guideline to have the same number of male and female wrestlers.

Following the same policy, the IOC’s goal of gender equality at the Youth Olympic Games will ultimately be achieved in the 2022 tournament, as the same number of men and women have been allowed to participate. As beach wrestling replaces the Greco-Roman competition for men, the same number of boys and girls will participate in both wrestling disciplines during the event …Click here to continue reading

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Robert J. King