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American wrestling – USA Wrestling has released the preselections for the women’s freestyle division of the World Senior Team Trials, which will be held in Lincoln, Neb., September 11-12. A selection committee met on Tuesday afternoon and voted on these preselections.

Pre-selection Freestyle Women

1. Ronna Heaton (Sunkist Kids)
2. Dom Parrish (Sunkist Kids)
3. Alyssa Lamp (Sunkist Kids)
4. Alex Hedrick (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Areana Villaescusa (WCAP Army)
6. Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids)
7. Amy Fearnside (Titan Mercury WC)
8. Erin Golson (NYAC)
9. Emily Shilson (Titan Mercury WC)
10. Alleida Martinez (Titan Mercury WC)

Olympian Jacarra Winchester (5th at 53 kg) is absent, placed in the lower semi-final.

1. Jenna Burkert (WCAP Army)
2. Cheyenne Sisenstein (Team Tornado WC)
3. Amanda Martinez (Cardinal WC)
4. Mélanie Mendoza (Team Tornado WC)
5. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa WC)

1. Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids)
2. Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids)
3. Cameron Guerin (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Brenda Reyna (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC)
6. Megan Black (WCAP Army)

1. Kayla Miracle (Sunkist Kids)
2. Mallory Velte (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Jennifer Page (Titan Mercury WC)
4. Grace Figueroa (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Ana Luciano (Wrestling in Osceola High School)
6. Désirée Zavala (Washington)

1. Forrest Molinari (Sunkist Kids)
2. Emma Bruntil (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Julia Salata (NYAC)
4. Ashlynn Ortega (Colorado)
5. Skyler Grote (NYAC)
6. Solin Piearcy (Menlo WC)

1. Kennedy Blades (Sunkist Kids)
2. Kylie Welker (Titan Mercury WC)
3. Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC)
4. Dymond Guilford (Titan Mercury WC)
5. Alivia Fiske (Titan Mercury WC)
6. Nahiela Magee (Army WCAP)
7. Rachel Watters (NYAC)

Greco-Roman pre-seeds

1. Max Nowry (Army WCAP)
2. Brady Koontz (Titan Mercury WC)
3, Billy Sullivan (Legends of Gold Las Vegas)
4. Jacob Cochran (Florida)
5. Dalton Duffield (WCAP Army)

1. Ildar Hafizon (WCAP Army)
2. Dalton Roberts (Army WCAP)
3. Randon Miranda (Rise RTC)
4. Dylan Koontz (Titan Mercury WC)
5. King Sandoval (WC Bandits)
6. Aiden Nutter (NMU-NTC)

1. Leslie Fuenffinger (WCAP Army)
2. Sam Jones (NYAC)
3. David Stepanian (NYAC)
4. Dylan Gregerson (Brunson UVRTC)
5. Us Rachal (Illinois RTC / Illini WC)
6. Corbin Nirschl (MWC Wrestling Academy)
7. Chayse LaJoie (Michigan)
8. Mason Lewis (Pennsylvania)

1. Alejandro Sancho (WCAP Army)
2. Jesse Thielke (WCAP Army)
3. Hayden Tuma (soft)
4. Calvin Germinaro (Minnesota Storm))
5. Alston Nutter (Sunkist Kids)
6. Peyton Omania (NYAC)

1. Patrick Smith (Minnesota Storm)
2. Benjamin Peak (Sunkist Kids)
3. Jamel Johnson (Sailors)
4. Michael Hooker (WCAP Army)
5. Payton Jacobson (Wisconsin)
6. Justus Scott (Legends of Gold in Las Vegas)
7. Brandon Mueller (505 fight)
8. Griffin Parriott (Minnesota)

77 kilograms
1. Jesse Porter (NYAC)
2. Peyton Walsh (Navy)
3. Austin Morrow (NYAC)
4. Alec Ortiz (Minnesota Storm)
5. Britton Holmes (WCAP Army)
6. Ryan Epps (Minnesota Storm)
7. Fritz Schierl (Titan Mercury)
8. Zachary Grimes (Colorado)

1. Ben Provisor (NYAC)
2. Spencer Woods (WCAP Army)
3. Tommy Brackett (Tennessee)
4. Richard Carlson (Minnesota Storm)
5. Tyler Cunningham (MWC Wrestling Academy)

87 kilograms
1. Alan Vera (NYAC)
2. George Sikes (NYAC)
3. Tyler Hannah (WC Combat Wrestling School)

97 kilograms
1. G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist Kids)
2. Lucas Sheridan (WCAP Army)
3. Nicholas Boykin (Sunkist Kids)
4. James Souza (WCAP Army)
5 / Khymba Johnson (NYAC)
6. Chad Porter (Sunkist Kids)

1. Cohlton Schultz (Sunkist Kids)
2. Jacob Mitchell (Army WCAP)
3. Donny Longendyke (Minnesota)
4. Farmer Tanner (NYAC)
5. Malcom Allen (Legends of Gold)
6. West Cathcart (NYAC)
7. Lee Herrington (Nebraska Golden Eagles CM).
8. Keaton Fanning (NMU-NTC)

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LAHORE – Pakistan’s top wrestler Inam Butt won the gold medal on Saturday after beating opponent Ukraine 3-0 in the 2021 Beach Wrestling World Championship final.

Earlier today, the Gujranwala-based wrestler, who won Pakistan’s first gold medal at the 21st Commonwealth Games, advanced to the final round after beating Romania’s Mihai Nicolae Palaghia in the semifinals by 3-0 in the 90 kg category. He qualified for the semi-final after eliminating Turkey’s Karadeniz Omer Faruk in the quarter-final.

Earlier, Inam had qualified for the quarter-finals by beating Greek wrestler Georgios Tsaknakis in the second game of the match. The 35-year-old went on to beat a Ukrainian wrestler. In the second game, Inam Butt beat his opponent by 3-0.

In a tweet Thursday, the Pakistani wrestler urged fans to pray for his victory as he expressed his determination to secure gold for the country. Inam Butt had won the gold medal at the Beach Wrestling World Championships held in Turkey in 2018 by scoring his supremacy in the 90kg freestyle final against his Georgian opponent with an exhilarating display of overall performance.

Shortly after Inam’s golden victory, enthusiastic fans began to congratulate the wrestler for winning the gold medal at the 2021 Beach Wrestling World Championship. “Congratulations to all #InamButt Pakistanis who have won a gold medal at the World Beach Wrestling Championships in Italy. We are all proud of you. You proudly hoisted the flag of Pakistan. #TeamEverGreen, ”Mian Omer tweeted.

“Congratulations to Pakistan, another day, another victory. Inam Butt won the gold medal for Pakistan at the Paralympic Games, ”Asgr Ibne Baqir said via his Twitter account. “Two gold medals for Pakistan on two consecutive days. A moment of pride for all of us. Haider Ali and Inam Butt You are the pride of Pakistan. Pakistan is on the rise, ”tweeted Muhammad Umair Arshad.

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Published on 04 September 2021 8:06 p.m.

Inam Butt wins gold after beating Ukrainian wrestler in final

ROME (Dunya News) – Pakistani wrestler Inam Butt won the gold medal on Saturday after beating the Ukrainian wrestler in the 2021 Beach Wrestling World Championship final. He won the match 3-0 in the 90 category kg.

It is relevant to mention here that Inam Butt became World Beach Wrestling champion for the third time in a row and won the first gold medal for Pakistan at the 21st Commonwealth Games.

Previously, Pakistan’s top wrestler Inam Butt had qualified for the World Beach Wrestling Championship final.

In the World Beach Wrestling Series, Inam Butt beat Romanian Mihai Nicolae Palaghia in the semi-final by 3-0 in the 90Kg category and qualified for the final.

Earlier, the athlete from Gujranwala had qualified for the semi-final after knocking out Turkish Karadeniz Omer Faruk in the quarter-finals. He had qualified for the quarter-finals by beating Greek wrestler Georgios Tsaknakis in the second game of the match.

The 35-year-old went on to beat a Ukrainian wrestler. In the second game, Butt beat his opponent by 3-0.

In a tweet Thursday, the Pakistani wrestler urged fans to pray for his victory as he expressed his determination to secure gold for the country.

Butt had won the gold medal at the Beach Wrestling World Championships held in Turkey in 2018 by scoring his supremacy in the 90kg freestyle final against his Georgian opponent with an exhilarating display of overall performance.

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By Timucin Turksoy August 24, 2021

Azerbaijani Greco-Roman wrestler Hasrat Jafarov won the gold medal in the 67 kg category at the 2021 World Junior Wrestling Championships in Russia. / Azerbaijani Wrestling Federation

Azerbaijani Greco-Roman wrestlers won four medals at the 2021 World Junior Wrestling Championships in the city of Ufa, Russia. The Azerbaijani team came in third place overall, scoring 101 points and leaving behind athletes from over 30 countries.

The prize tally for Azerbaijani Greco-Roman wrestlers includes one gold, one silver and two bronze.

Hasrat Jafarov won all the duels to win the title of world champion in the 67 kg category. He beat his Armenian rival Sahak Hovhannisyan 7-0 in the final match, which took place on the final day of the tournament on August 22.

“We had some tough duels. Of course, I had different feelings when I faced the Armenian wrestler in the final. I dedicate this victory to our martyrs, ”said Jafarov, referring to the Azerbaijani soldiers killed during the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Jafarov’s teammate Sarkhan Mammadov won silver in the 130 kg category, while Elmir Aliyev and Nihat Mammadli won bronze medals in the 55 kg and 60 kg categories, respectively.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani wrestlers also won three silver and four bronze medals in men’s freestyle and women’s wrestling.

The 2021 World Junior Wrestling Championships, which took place in Russia from August 16 to 22, brought together wrestlers under the age of 20. The Russian wrestling team finished first in the medal table with 19 medals, including nine gold, two silver and eight. bronze medals. The US and Iran teams were closest to Russia’s award collection with seven and six gold medals, respectively.

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Ravi Malik remains the only saving grace for the Greco-Roman Indian contingent at the World Junior Wrestling Championships as he reached the qualifiers for the bronze medal in the 82kg in Ufa, Russia.

Malik started Saturday with a 6-0 victory over Estonian Robin Uspenski and followed with an 18-9 victory over Kyrgyzstan Zhenish Humnabekov, who earned three quarter-final warnings. Malik couldn’t do much against Armenian Karen Khachatryan in the semifinals, however, whom he lost out of technical superiority. Once Malik was put on the “down,” Khachatryan made consecutive gut wrench moves to finish the fight.

Other Greco-Roman wrestlers across the country struggled, with a majority failing to make it through the knockout stages.

Narinder Cheema (97kg) was only the second Indian wrestler to win two fights and he got the award by returning to competition through the repechage.

Cheema beat Germany’s Anton Erich Vieweg 6-6, then Uzbekistan Abrorbek Nurmukhammedov 11-6. He lost his quarter-final to Pavel Hlinchuk, but since the Belarusian reached the final, Cheema has had another chance.

Vikas (72 kg) and Deepak (77 kg) won the first round before losing. Anup (55 kg), Vikas (60 kg), Anil (63 kg), Deepak (67 kg), Sonu (87 kg) and Parvesh (130 kg) all came out after losing their respective fights in the first round.

The competition ends on Sunday. Indian junior wrestlers have had a memorable campaign so far, winning 11 medals (4 silver, 7 bronze) in the men’s and women’s freestyle categories.

(With PTI inputs)

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Get to know your Greco-Roman wrestling team ahead of the World Junior Championships in Ufa, Russia, August 16-22.

Billy Sullivan

Weight: 55kg
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
High school: SLAM Nevada
University: University of Oklahoma City
club: Legends of Gold Las Vegas
Instagram: @billyxsullivan

What would you like to know: Sullivan was a conference champion for the University of Oklahoma City and qualified for the NAIA Championships. He was the 2019 National Junior Greco-Roman Champion and a Bronze Medalist at the Pan-American Junior Greco Championships.

Championship Series: Sullivan v Aizayah Yacapin, 2-1
First match: Yacapin won. Sullivan, 4-1
Game Two: Sullivan defeated. Yacapin, 10-6
Match 3: Sullivan defeats. Yacapin, 4-1

Nicolas Bouzakis

Weight: 60kg
Hometown: Shavertown, Pennsylvania
High school: Wyoming Seminar
University: Undecided
club: Greco / Xcaliber team
Instagram: @nicbouzakis

What would you like to know: Bouzakis was a 2019 Fargo 16U Freestyle National Champion and a Double All-American Freestyle in 2021. He won the 2020 National Prep Championships and is a two-time Super 32 Champion, three-time Florida State Champion, Beast of the East champion, and a Powerade champion.

Championship Series: Bouzakis vs. Phillip Moomey, 2-0
First match: Bouzakis beats. Moomey, 12-2 4:29
Second match: Bouzakis beats. Moomey fall, 13-5, 5:11

Chayse LaJoie

Weight: 63kg
Hometown: Gaylord, Michigan
High school: Gaylord
University: Cornell
club: Spartan Combat RTC
Instagram: @chayselajoie

What would you like to know: LaJoie is two-time national junior champion in Greco-Roman Fargo (2018-19) and third in the 16U division (2016). He was a two-time Michigan State Champion and a four-time runner-up.

Championship Series: LaJoie vs. Richard Fedalen, 2-0
First game: LaJoie won. Fedalen, 8-0 2:47
Match 2: LaJoie defeats. Fedalen fall, 10-0 3:43

Dominique damon

Weight: 67kg
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
High school: Nathan Hale
University: Northern Michigan
club: NMU-National Training Center
Instagram: @ dominic.damon

What would you like to know: Damon is currently participating in the Greco-Roman program in northern Michigan. He placed seventh at the 2017 Fargo 16U Greco-Roman National Championships, third at the 2019 World Junior Team Trials, fifth at the U23 Trials, and was a member of the 2018 World Cadet Team.

Championship Series: Damon vs. Payton Jacobson, 2-1
First match: Damon won. Jacobson, 5-4
Game two: Jacobson beat. Damon, 5-1
Match 3: Damon defeats. Jacobson, 5-2

Justus scott

Weight: 72kg
Hometown: Henderson, Nevada
High school: Green Valley
University: Baker
club: Legends of Gold Las Vegas
Instagram: @juicetiss

What would you like to know: Scott ended his high school career as a two-time Nevada State Champion with a 3-1-1-2 standings during his pre-season career. He placed fourth at the Heart of America Conference Championships for Baker, but did not place at the 2021 NAIA tournament.

Championship Series: Scott def. Noah Wachsmuth, 2-1
First game: Scott won. Wachsmuth, 8-8
Game two: Scott won. Wachsmuth, 7-0

Matthew Singleton

Weight: 77kg
Hometown: Moreland, Georgia
High school: Woodward Academy
University: State of North Carolina engaged
club: Compound wrestling
Instagram: @ matty.singleton

What would you like to know: Singleton begins his senior season at Woodward Academy as a three-time state champion after winning his second NHSCA title this year. He also placed seventh at the UWW Junior Nationals at 79kg and is a two-time Fargo 16U finalist in 2019.

Championship Series: Singleton vs. Justin McCunn, 2-0
Match 1: def. McCunn, 8-6
Match 2: Singleton def. McCunn, 9-0 3:12

Jonathon Fagen

Weight: 82kg
Hometown: Fruitland, Idaho
High school: Fruit soil
University: Cornell
club: Spartan Combat RTC
Instagram: @ jonny_gun101

What would you like to know: Fagen missed the 2021 season due to the cancellation of all Ivy League sports, but set a 6-7 record in his debut campaign. He was a four-time Idaho State Champion, Cadet Greco National Champion in 2017, and a member of the Cadet Greco-Roman World 2018 team.

Championship Series: Fagen v James Burks, 2-1
First match: Fagen Dec. Burks, 5-1
Game Two: Burks Tech drops Fagen, 9-0, 0:31
Third game: Fagen Dec. Burks, 6-0

Kodiak Stephens

Weight: 87kg
Hometown: Arnold, California
High school: Bret Harte High School
University: State of Oregon
Club: Ebbetts Pass Wrestling
Instagram: @kodiak_the_maniac

What would you like to know: Stephens will compete for the state of Oregon in the fall after finishing fourth at the 2020 California state tournament as a junior and missing his senior season due to COVID-19 protocols in the state. He also placed eighth at the UWW Junior Nationals Freestyle Championships.

Championship Series: Stephens vs. Tyler Hannah, 2-1
First match: Hannah won. Stephens, 10-0 1:32
Game two: Stephens beat. Anne, 10-2 3:55
Third game: Stephens beat. Anne, 10-2, 3:37

Braxton Amos

Weight: 97kg
Hometown: Mineral Wells, West Virginia
High school: Parkersburg South
University: Wisconsin
club: Wisconsin RTC
Instagram: @thebraxtonamos

What would you like to know: Amos had a good year in 2021 even though he didn’t make a college game. He was part of the world junior teams in freestyle and greco and competed in the last Olympic trials in both styles, reaching the best of three finals in greco. Amos is a five-time Fargo champion and six-time runner-up.

Championship Series: Amos v Christian Carroll, 2-0
First match: Amos beat. Carroll, 8-0, 0:48
Match 2: Amos defeats. Carroll, 10-0, 0:44

Luc Luffman

Weight: 130kg
Hometown: Urbana, Illinois
High school: Urban
University: Illinois
club: Illinois RTC
Instagram: @ luc.luff

What would you like to know: Luffman was a three-time Illinois State Champion (2017-19) and two-time National Junior Champion in 2019. He currently wrestles at 285 pounds for Illinois with a career record of 26-18, including a appearance at the 2021 NCAA Championships where he went 1-2.

Championship Series: Luffman v Peter Christensen, 2-0
First game: Luffman won. Christensen, 12-4 4:55
Game Two: Luffman won. Christensen, 9-4

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The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) will host its first ever national beach wrestling competition in Mammallapuram. The event will take place in Mahabalipuram from August 28. According to the WFI invitation to state associations, there may be a maximum of three wrestlers per weight class.

The national body can issue a special authorization to increase the number of athletes in the same category per unit if the brackets are not full.

Former Indian coach Kripa Shankar thinks the initiative is good, as India already has a similar wrestling competition called “dangals”.

“We can be good at that style of wrestling. I don’t see much of a difference between dangals in India and wrestling in the mud. It will also give many mud wrestlers a chance to represent India without worrying much about changing their technique, ”he said. says Sportskeeda.

The winners will participate in the Roma Beach Wrestling World Series in Italy. The competition is scheduled for September 3-4.

What is beach wrestling?

Unlike mat wrestling, beach wrestling has only eight weight classes – four each in male and female style. The weight ranges for men are 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg and +90 kg, while those for women are 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg and +70 kg.

There are three age groups in beach wrestling – cadet wrestling, junior wrestling, and senior wrestling.

Under-17 wrestlers compete in the cadets, while grapplers between the ages of 18 and 20 compete in the juniors. Those over 20 belong to the senior category.

The fights are 1 period of three minutes for all categories. Wrestling on the beach is only practiced in a standing position. The use of legs is permitted in all actions.

What is the scoring system in beach wrestling?

A wrestler gets 1 point if he manages to bring any part of his opponent’s body to the ground, except the hands. A pushout or warning for illegal action will also score 1 point.

However, the attacker (and only the attacker) may drop a knee to the ground when performing an action if that action is completed with the opponent on the ground.

Three points are awarded if the wrestler manages to expose his opponent’s back to the ground during a takedown or throw.

The first athlete to reach 3 points wins the match. If there is a tie at the end of the match, then the winner will be determined based on criteria – last point scored, athletes’ weight, smallest (lowest) number drawn in the draw / ranking.

Also read: ‘Brilliant Bajrang’: Ecstatic Twitter after Bajrang Punia’s mind-blowing performance won him a bronze medal at the Olympics

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CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) – Beach wrestling is rapidly gaining popularity. And one wrestling expert thinks the sport’s greatest appeal may lie in its simplicity.

KYLE Klingman / FloWrestling Journalist, “You don’t realize the complexity of international or college wrestling until you have to explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about it and explaining wrestling on the beach is easy enough when you go out of bounds is a point – the out is a point – the back to back takedown is three points. It’s the first person to three wins. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you don’t know anything about the sport.

There is actually an accredited body called United World Wrestling for the Sport of Beach Wrestling, which has been running championship tournaments since 2006, mostly in Europe and Asia.
There is now a movement underway to bring Beach Wrestling to the Olympics as early as 20-28.

KYLE Klingman said: “The possibility of women’s beach wrestling entering the 2028 Olympics will not be in 2024, but in 2028 in Los Angeles there is a possibility as there are currently three styles of women’s freestyle wrestling. , male Greek and male free. Female beach wrestling could be that counterpart to male wrestling, they also talked about female Greek wrestling, but the trend is towards female beach wrestling and it could be soon 2028.

Klingman says Beach Wrestling has its place — he thinks Freestyle is better suited for Olympic competition.

AND USA Wrestling Leader — 2-STROKE Olympic GOLD MEDAL – Bruce Baumgartner AGREE with Klingman.

BRUCE BAUMGARTNER, “As a purist I don’t mind, it’s pretty similar to wrestling, but I love when I wrestled, we had ten weight classes in each discipline – and I wish I could do it. Come back. That’s what we’re doing in the 10 men’s freestyle 10 women’s freestyle and 10 greco world championships before we start adding wrestling disciplines. “

Like it or not, the sport of wrestling could be heading to the sands of Los Angles, Calif., In 2028.

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Iranian freestyle wrestler Hassan Yazdani Charati made impressive displays of wrestling skills at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan, but was defeated by his tough rival in the final bout and finished second in the event. respected international sportsman.

Yazdani – the 26-year-old champion of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics – won a silver medal after David Morris Taylor III of the United States beat him 4-3 in the final meeting of the category of male weight 86 kilograms at Makuhari Messe Hall on Thursday.

The Iranian wrestler had launched his campaign resolutely the day before, and beat Uzbekistan Javrail Shapiev 11-2 in the first competition, before beating Switzerland’s Stefan Reichmuth 12-2 in the quarter-finals.

Yazdani emerged victorious from Russian wrestler Artur Naifonov 7-1 in the semifinals and advanced to the final.

Iranian Mohammad Reza Geraei triumphed over Ukrainian rival Parviz Nasibov 9-1 in the final round of the 67-kilogram division on Wednesday and won the gold medal.

He had previously beaten German opponent Frank Stäbler and Georgian contender Ramaz Zoidze to make their way to the final encounter.

The Tokyo Olympics officially kicked off on July 23 and will last until August 8. Some preliminary events started on July 21.

The games see karate, sport climbing, surfing and skateboarding make their Olympic debuts.

Originally scheduled for July 24 to August 9, 2020, the event was postponed to March of last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Much of it now takes place behind closed doors, with no public spectators allowed under the state of emergency.

Iranian athletes have so far won five medals – two gold, two silver and one bronze – placing the Islamic Republic in 27th place in the medal rankings.

China leads the medal table with 73 medals (including 33 gold), the United States is second with 88 medals and Japan third with a total of 44 medals.

Australia, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and New Zealand are respectively in 4th and 10th place.

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Hungarian Tamas Lorincz celebrates after winning the 77kg Greco-Roman wrestling final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in Chiba, Japan on August 3, 2021 (Xinhua / Wang Yuguo)

TOKYO, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) – Hungarian Tamas Lorincz won the men’s 77kg Greco-Roman title at the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday while Musa Evloev of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) won the gold medal in the 97 kg category.

Lorincz, the 2019 world champion, beat Akzhol Makhmudov of Kyrgyzstan 2-1 in the final, winning Hungary’s first Olympic gold in wrestling since 2004.

“Everything. I learned a lot in the last five years, I trained a lot even during the pandemic with my brother. That’s why we are both here in the Olympics final,” said Lorincz.

Japan’s Shohei Yabiku and Azerbaijani Rafig Huseynov shared the bronze medals.

In the 97 kg Greco-Roman men’s category, Evloev won his first Olympic medal with a convincing 5-1 victory over Armenian Artur Aleksanyan, gold medalist at Rio 2016.

Both bronze medals went to Pole Tadeusz Michalik and Iranian Mohammadhadi Saravi.

In the women’s 68 kg freestyle final, American wrestler Tamyra Mariama Stock Mensah won the gold medal by beating Nigeria’s Blessing Oborududu 4-1.

“When I started wrestling, I wanted to be an emblem, a light, to young women and show them that you can be stupid, you can have fun, and you can be a tough guy and be a wrestler. one of the things that motivates me 100%, ”Mensah said.

Ukrainian Alla Cherkasova defeated Sara Dosho of Japan, who won the women’s 69 kg in Rio 2016, to win bronze while Meerim Zhumanazarova of Kyrgyzstan claimed another bronze medal. Final element

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